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Quickblox includes everything that brings messaging right into your application - chat, video calling, users, push notifications, etc.

0.1.0-alpha #

  • Created first version of QuickBlox Flutter SDK

0.2.0-alpha #

  • Added WebRTC video calls
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved implementation for Android

0.2.1-alpha #

  • Improved the methods for subscribe, unsubscribe methods in chat
  • Fixed mapping for dialogs in chat

0.2.2-alpha #

  • Bug fixing

0.2.3-alpha #

  • Fixed "sendMessage" method
  • Fixed QBMessage model

0.2.4-alpha #

  • Fixed "getUsers" method
  • Fixed logic for WebRTC

0.2.5-alpha #

  • added "getUsersByTag" method
  • Fixed logic for filtering and sorting
  • refactored WebRTC logic

0.2.6-alpha #

  • Added "release video views" method
  • Fixed logic for init and release WebRTC service
  • Fixed logic for create subscription
  • Refactored WebRTC logic
  • Fixed logic for subscribe\unsubscribe messages in Chat

0.2.7-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for "SWITCH_AUDIO_OUTPUT" method
  • Fixed event names
  • Refactored "switch audio output" code

0.2.8-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for "SWITCH_AUDIO_OUTPUT" method
  • Refactored iOS side
  • Fixed logic for Audio Sessions in iOS side

0.2.9-alpha #

  • Updated version of Android SDK to 3.9.5
  • Fixed logic for "Peer Connections Events"

0.2.10-alpha #

  • Updated version of Android SDK to 3.9.6
  • Fixed logic for subscriptions
  • refactored code

0.2.11-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for events

0.3.0-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for delete dialog
  • Fixed logic for leave dialog
  • Fixed logic for event subscription
  • Refactored code
  • fixed filter mapper
  • added logic for Development\Production endpoints

0.3.1-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for "sort" and "filter" in custom objects module

0.3.2-alpha #

  • added "noUserAction" logic for Android
  • fixed "hangUp" logic for Android
  • fixed "AudioManager" logic for Android
  • added string resource and image mipmap for Android "WebRTCCallService"

0.3.3-alpha #

  • added QBAudioManager for correct work with audio mode in video call.

0.3.4-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for Sorting in Users module

0.3.5-alpha #

  • Fixed logic for listeners in Android side

0.3.6-alpha #

  • IOS: QBFileModule upload file logic fixed
  • IOS: QBFileModule progress upload file logic fixed
  • IOS: QuickBloxSDK was updated to 2.17.8
  • IOS: support iOS version was upgraded to 12 or higher* Android: fixed upload file logic
  • Android: fixed progress upload file logic
  • Android: update SDK to 3.9.8
  • Dart: refactored logic in content module

0.3.7-alpha #

  • IOS: fixed sending messages to group/public dialogs

0.3.8-alpha #

  • Android: fixed upload file logic

0.3.9-alpha #

  • Android: fixed logic for join chats after reconnection

0.3.10-alpha #

  • added QBRTCConfig module
  • refactored code
  • Android: updated SDK version to 3.9.9
  • Android: fixed upload files logic
  • IOS updated SDK version to 2.17.9
  • IOS increased minimum deployment target to 12.0

0.3.11-beta #

  • Android: added logic for check active session
  • Android: fixed logic for get cacheDir in File Module

0.4.0-beta #

  • Added conference functionality
  • Added setSession\getSession in Auth module

0.4.1-beta #

  • Hotfix for WebRTC audioManager logic in Android side
  • refactored Conference module, File module

0.4.2-beta #

  • Hotfix for Chat module logic in Android side

0.4.3-beta #

  • Hotfix for IOS side
  • Added photo parameter in update/create dialog logic

0.5.0-beta #

  • Migrated to null safety
  • refactored code
  • Android: added logic for disable/enable video/audio track for specific user
  • Android: fixed conference module
  • IOS: fixes
  • IOS: fixed error messages

0.5.1-beta #

  • fixed message mapper
  • refactored code
  • Android: updated gradle version

0.5.2-beta #

  • fixed message mapper for Android side

0.6.0-beta #

  • Flutter: fixed QBMessageMapper
  • Flutter: fixed QBMessage model
  • Flutter: fixed sendMessage, sendSystemMessage methods
  • Android: fixed logic for ChatMapper
  • Android: fixed sendMessage method

0.6.1-beta #

  • Android: updated version SDK to 3.9.11
  • Android: fixed logic for chat listeners in Chat module
  • Android: fixed logic for send message in Chat module
  • Flutter: refactored code

0.6.2-beta #

  • Android: updated gradle version to 5.4.1
  • Android: fixed call module
  • Android: fixed file module
  • Flutter: fixed message mapper
  • Flutter: migrated to embedding v2

0.6.3-beta #

  • Android: fixed logic for audio manager
  • Android: fixed logic for remove user
  • IOS: fixed logic for parse attachment
  • IOS: fixed dialog creation flow
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Quickblox includes everything that brings messaging right into your application - chat, video calling, users, push notifications, etc.



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