qrcoder 0.2.0
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Yet another stupid dart qrcode plugin.

qrcoder #

pub package

Yet another stupid dart qrcode plugin, modified from qrcodejs & swift_qrcodejs.

Use #

  1. Dependency

In your pubspec.yaml, add the following config:

   qrcoder: 0.2.0
  1. Generate

The method statement is as follows:

static Future<List<List<int>>> generateQRCodeMatrix(
	String text, {Encoding encoding = utf8, QRErrorCorrectLevel errorCorrectLevel = QRErrorCorrectLevel.H, bool hasBorder = true}

You can call this method liek this:

var matrix = await Qrcoder.generateQRCodeMatrix('2333', hasBorder: false);

For more information, you can see the example project.

Author #

EyreFree, eyrefree@eyrefree.org

License #

This project is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.