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a widget provided to the flutter scroll component drop-down refresh and pull up load.

2.0.2 #

  • support flutter3

2.0.1 #

  • support flutter3

2.0.0 #

Breaking Changes: #

  • Remove onOffsetChange in SmartRefresher,autoLoad in RefreshConfiguration,scrollController in RefreshController
  • add argument to onTwoLevel(callback when closed)

features #

  • migrate null-safety
  • add needCallback in requestRefresh and requestLoading for avflutoiding the callback of onRefresh or onLoading

Bug fix #

  • In NestedScrollView+ClampingScrollPhysics(Android ScrollBehaviour),header can be seen when fling to top.
  • unMounted widget used crash error when fast rebuild in requestRefresh
  • fix sliverRefreshBody layoutSize instead of -0.001,it will crash error when viewportMainAxis=0

Other #

  • Add assert to avoid invalid usage

1.6.5 #

  • fix check full page logic.
  • fix crash "locking up a deactive widget is unsafe".

1.6.4 #

  • fix error crash by deprecated function removed
  • add extra ScrollView reference parameter

1.6.3 #

  • fix bug:gesture disabled after refresh complete in an error refreshState
  • fix problem:Footer hide back suddenly(this cause by the flutter breaking change)
  • add vibrate option to enable vibrate when trigger onRefresh or onLoading
  • fix SmartRefresher key in mutiple widgets
  • add other languages

1.6.2 #

  • fix "_pendingDimenssion is not true" error with the breaking change

1.6.1 #

  • fix NestedScrollView requetRefresh error
  • fix NestedScollView cast error
  • fix twiceloadng when no data return
  • add support for update refreshcontroller
  • add other language

1.6.0 #

  • fix slow bounce back when load more too fast
  • fix footer renderError with reverse:true,behaviour return to 1.5.7
  • add check null in requestRefresh()
  • fix refreshText reverse error(ClassicHeader) when reverse:true

1.5.8 #

  • fix breaking change crash error after flutter 1.13.6 upgrade
  • add other language
  • fix material header frequently setState slow down the performance
  • fix bug:loadFinish throw error when dispose widget(short time to trigger)
  • fix WaterDropMaterialHeader "color" invalid

1.5.7 #

  • add three national language: French,Russian,...
  • fix endLoading logic error in callback
  • add enableLoadMoreWhenNoMoreData,enable switch to decide whether auto load more when footer state is noMore
  • fix requestRefresh callback onRefresh immediately

1.5.6 #

  • add new feature:refresh localizations
  • The footer layout size should be added to calculate whether the Viewport is full of a screen
  • fix physics check error when theme use other platform
  • add topHitBoundary,bottomHitBoundary in RefreshConfiguration
  • move headerOffset from RefreshConfiguration,move to indicator setting
  • In Android systems,default change: fast fling will be stopped in 0 pixels
  • Optimized part indicator,auto attach primaryColor from Theme,text style adjust etc..
  • Optimize requestRefresh() and requestLoading(),avoid spring back when far from target point,add one parameter controll whether to move down or top

1.5.5 #

breaking change #

  • add new canLoading state for footer
  • add canLoadingText,canLoadingIcon,completeDuration in footer
  • enableLoadingWhenFailed default value change to true
  • shouldFollowContentWhenNotFull: in noMore state default return true

twoLevel #

  • add TwoLevelHeader,reduce the difficulty of using the second floor function

Bug fix #

  • twoLevel bug: fix viewportDimenssion use error,which lead to height dynamic error
  • fix underScroll bug when footer is noMore state or hideWhenNotFull=true and viewport not full one screen in Android
  • NeverScrollPhysics is ignored,when passing NeverScrollPhysics,it should disable scroll

other #

  • add enableBallisticLoad(same with enableBallisticRefresh) in RefreshConfiguration
  • add requestTwoLevel method in RefreshController
  • add endLoading,readyToLoad for CustomFooter
  • add ScrollView's props to SmartRefresher,mostly for SingleChildView not ScrollView

1.5.4 #

  • add new RefreshConfiguration constructor "copyAncestor"
  • fix bug 1: when !enablePullDown && !enablePullUp crash error
  • fix bug 2: "pixels" call on null when refresh completed and ready to springback In a very short time and disposed
  • enable "primary" attr working,Avoiding clicking on the status bar to cause scrolling to the top in some stiuation
  • requestRefresh() and requestLoading() change to return a future

1.5.3 #

  • add new indicator: BezierCircleHeader
  • change spring default value ,make it fast and smooth
  • fix cast ScrollPosition error with NestedScrollView

1.5.2 #

  • change maxOverScrollExtent default to 60
  • maxScrollExtent should subtract layoutExtent instead of boxExtent when indicator not floating
  • add SmartRefresher builder constructor for some special use stage
  • when child is not extends scrollView,it should convert height to viewport's height when child's height is infite,such as PageView,emptyWidget with Center,else it will use LayoutBuilder get height
  • header,footer now unlimit the type ,convert to widget,but only sliver widget,Considering the problem of combined indicators
  • CustomHeader,CustomFooter expose inner indicator event
  • resetNoData should only can work when footer indicator is noMore state
  • fix twolevel and refresh prior problem

1.5.1 #

  • add api docs in code
  • add test to prevent previous bugs as much as possible
  • enableScrollWhenCompleted default value change to false,when header spring back,doesn't allow to scroll by gesture
  • improve enableScrollWhenCompleted safety ,fix trigger disable scroll times error
  • maxScrollExtent should subtract boxExtent when floating(indicator layoutExtent != 0) or not
  • maxOverScrollExtent default change to 30.0 in Android,maxUnderScrollExtent default change to 0.0 in Android
  • Fix footer onClick not working when click near footer edge
  • fix canTwoLevel text showing in other twoLevel state
  • when enablePullDown= false && enableTwoLevel = true,it should add header into Viewport
  • remove reverse in some header indicators,inner auto check direction,no need to pass paramter
  • fix render error in footer when asix = Horizontal & reverse = true

1.5.0 #

  • Fix a Big Bug in FrontStyle:When overScroll(pixels <0.0),it shouldn't be disabled gesture
  • add shouldFollowContentWhenNotFull
  • add support to scrollable widget
  • Fix ignore reverse load more paintOrigin issue
  • change hideFooterWhenNotfull default value to false
  • update header default releaseIcon and footer idle default Icon

1.4.9 #

  • Fix MaterialClassicHeader,WaterDropHeader some err
  • Optimze WaterdropMaterial
  • remove hit top in clamping physics
  • add springDescrition,dragSpeedRatio in RefreshConfiguration
  • fix BehindStyle layoutExtent error

1.4.8 #

  • provide three load more style:ShowAlways,HideAlways,ShowWhenLoading
  • add linkFooter
  • Fix Bug: requestRefresh() interupted when physics =Clamping && offset !=0
  • Fix Bug: When viewport not enough onepage ,pull up will change the state to loading,but not callback onLoading
  • revert change before:SmartRefresher change Stateless,Fix position may be null in some stiuations
  • add enableScrollWhenRefreshCompleted,enableBallisticRefresh,enableLoadingWhenFailed bool in RefreshConfiguration
  • enable footerTriggerdistance pass Negative

1.4.7 #

new Feature:

  • Add twoLevel refresh feature
  • Add linkHeader to link other place header


  • Remove headerInsertIndex(only first sliver)
  • Fix ignore padding attr when child is BoxScrollView
  • add enableTwoLevel,onTwoLevel attr


  • add enableScrollWhenTwoLevel,closeTwoLevelDistance for twoLevel setting


  • Add refreshToidle, twoLevelComplete new api
  • Add initalRefreshStatus,initalLoadStatus new parameter setting default value


  • remove decoration
  • add outerBuilder replace decoration
  • add other attr for twoLevel

Bug Fix:

  • Fix clicking footer trigger loading when no more state
  • footer indicator shouldn't hide when state in noMore,failed and not full in one page


  • Remove asSliver usage in all indicators(no need to use,only support first sliver)
  • make indicator auto fit boxSize,just like SliverToBoxAdapter

1.4.6 #

  • Add horizontal refresh support
  • Fix 1.4.5 default physics Bug in Android simulation
  • Fix Problem: when enablePullDown or enablePullUp = false,it still can overScroll or underScroll when use ClampingScrollPhysics
  • Add maxOverScrollExtent and maxUnderScrollExtent in RefreshConfiguration

1.4.5 #

  • Remake FrontStyle implements principle,Make it close to the first three styles,Fix some small problems also: 1.when tap StatusBar,it will trigger refresh instead of scroll to top 2.It seems odd to set aside 100 heights in front of scrollOffset for FrontStyle 3.When hideWhenNotFull = false, dragging to pull down will cause loading together

  • Remake RefreshPhysics,Simpify code,child support physics setting now.

  • ClassicIndicator default refreshingIcon:in iOS use ActivityIndicator,in Android use CircularProgressIndicator

1.4.4 #

  • Fix Bug:Multiples ScrollPositions shared one ScrollController,when calling controller.requestRefresh cause refresh together( such as keepAlive Widget )
  • When the user Dragging ScrollView(pull up), disable make it change to loading state
  • Add one new LoadStatus:failed(provide click to retry loading)
  • Fix some defaultIcon:noMoreIcon default Invisible

1.4.3 #

  • change "child" attr limit type from ScrollView to Widget

1.4.2 #

  • Improving hideWhenNotFull judgment mechanism
  • Fix triggerDistance error after 1.4.0-1.4.1

1.4.1 #

  • Remove isNestedWrapped(deprecated from 1.3.8)
  • Add headerInsertIndex attr in SmartRefresher
  • Rename IndicatorConfiguration to RefreshConfiguration
  • Move some attr from Indicator to RefreshConfiguration:offset,skipCanRefresh,triggerDistance,autoLoad,hideWhenNotFull
  • Add decoration for classicIndicator(both header and footer)
  • Add Fade effect for WaterDropHeader when dismiss
  • Simplify reverse operation,Add MaterialClassicHeader,WaterDropMaterialHeader reverse feature

1.4.0 #

  • Fix one serious Bug after 1.3.8 upgrade to 1.3.9:enablePullDown = false throw error

1.3.9 #

  • Avoid inner inject padding by buildSlivers in child(ListView,GridView)
  • Add initialRefresh in RefreshController(when you need to requestRefresh in initState)
  • Fix exception RefreshBouncingPhysics velocity value
  • Add IndicatorConfiguration for build indicator for subtrees SmartRefresher
  • Add SkipCanRefresh,CompleteDuration attr in header
  • Fix trigger more times loading when no data come in and too fast loadComplete
  • remove center,anchor in CustomScrollView to Compatible with old versions

1.3.8 #

  • Temporary fix deadly bug: PrimaryScrollController cannot shared by multiple Indicators

1.3.7 #

  • Adding an asSlivers constructor can be inserted into slivers as a Sliver
  • Fix FrontStyle cannot support dynamic change enablePullDown
  • Fix FrontStyle cannot enter refresh state when init
  • Optimize indicator internal code to avoid locking widgets
  • Fix iOS click status cannot roll back without ScrollController in child
  • Fix one ignored situation after finish refresh -> completed(not in visual range)

1.3.6 #

  • Fix NestedScrollView issue in 1.3.5
  • decrease default triggerDistance from 100.0 to 80.0
  • improve dragging scrolling speed of Front Style
  • Add offset attr in Front Style

1.3.5 #

  • Add hideWhenNotFull bool to disable auto hide footer when data not enough one page
  • Add one new RefreshStyle:Front(just like RefreshIndicator)
  • Fix a bug: When the head overflows the view area, there is no clipping operation
  • Add material header(two indicator for FrontStyle)
  • Remove enableOverScroll

1.3.3 #

  • Fixed the request Refresh problem: Sometimes it takes two times to be effective
  • Add child key support
  • Fix Bug:Pull-down triggers need to be pulled down more distances to trigger
  • Add resetNoData to resume footer state to idle

1.3.2 #

  • Fix WaterDropHeader some attributes invalid
  • Fix enablePullUp and enablePullDown Dynamic set
  • implements auto hide FooterView when less than one page,no need to set enablePullUp to false
  • improve safety after disposed

1.3.1 #

  • Add onClick CallBack for LoadIndicator
  • Fix enablepullUp or down invalid
  • Fix error Loading after 1.3.0 updated

1.3.0 #

Total #

  • Support reverse ScrollView
  • Remove RefreshConfig,LoadConfig,Move to indicator setting
  • Add isNestWrapped to Compatible NestedScrollView
  • replace headerBuilder,footerBuilder attribute to header,footer
  • Separate header and footer operations:onRefresh and onLoading Callback,RefreshStatus is separated into RefreshStatus.LoadStatus
  • Fix Bug: twice loading (the footer state change before the ui update)

RefreshController #

  • Remove sendBack method,replaced by LoadComplete,RefreshComplete ,RefreshFailed,LoadNoData
  • Separate refresh and load operations
  • Add dispose method for Safety in some situation

Indicator #

  • Use another way to achieve drop-down refresh
  • Add drop-down refresh indicator style(Follow,UnFollow,Behind)
  • Add WaterDropIndicator,CustomIndicator
  • Make Custom Indicator easily

1.2.0 #

  • Fixed the problem that ScrollController was not applied to internal controls
  • Optimize RefreshController
  • RefreshController changed to required now
  • Add feature:reuqestRefresh can jumpTo Bottom or Top
  • Fix problem: Refresh can still be triggered when ScrollView is nested internally
  • Remove rendered twice to get indicator height,replaced by using height attribute in Config
  • change RefreshStatus from int to enum

1.1.6 #

  • Fix Compile error after flutter update

1.1.5 #

  • Fix problem of offsetChange
  • Fix CustomScrollView didn't work
  • Fix refreshIcon not reference in ClassialIndicator

1.1.4 #

  • Fix enableOverScroll does not work
  • Add default IndicatorBuilder when headerBuilder or footerBuilder is null
  • Fix cannot loading when user loosen gesture and listview enter the rebounding

1.1.3 #

  • Fix contentList's item cannot be cached,Remove shrinkWrap,physics limit
  • Fix onOffsetChange callback error,In completion, failure, refresh state is also callback
  • Add unfollowIndicator implement in Demo(Example3)

1.1.2 #

  • Fix Bug:Refreshing the indicator requires multiple dragging to refresh
  • Fix ClassialIndicator syntax errors and display status when no data is added.

1.1.1 #

  • Make triigerDistance be equally vaild for LoadWrapper
  • Add enableOverScroll attribute

1.1.0 #

Notice: This version of the code changes much, Api too

  • Transfer state changes to Wrapper of indicator to reduce unnecessary interface refresh.
  • No longer using Refreshmode or LoadMode,replaced int because the state is hard to determine.
  • Now support the ScrollView in the reverse mode
  • The indicators are divided into two categories, loadIndicator and refreshIndicator, and the two support header and footer
  • provided a controller to invoke some essential operations inside.
  • Move triggerDistance,completeTime such props to Config
  • Add ClassicIndicator Convenient construction indicator

1.0.8 #

  • Reproducing bottom indicator, no more manual drag to load more
  • Control property values change more,Mainly:1.onModeChange => onRefreshChange,onLoadChange, 2.Add enableAutoLoadMore,3.Remove bottomVisiableRange

1.0.7 #

  • Fix Bug1: The use of ListView as a container to cause a fatal error (continuous sliding) when the bottom control is reclaimed, using the SingleChildScrollView instead of preventing the base control from recovering many times from the exception
  • Fix Bug2: When the user continues to call at the same time in the two states of pull-down and drop down, the animation has no callback problem when it enters or fails.

1.0.6 #

  • Use Material default LoadingBar
  • Add a bool paramter to onOffsetChange to know if pullup or pulldown
  • Fix Bug: when pulled up or pull-down, sizeAnimation and IOS elasticity conflict, resulting in beating.

1.0.5 #

  • Remove headerHeight,footerHeight to get height inital
  • Make footer stay at the bottom of the world forever
  • replace idle to idel(my English mistake)
  • Fix defaultIndictor error Icon display

1.0.4 #

  • Update README and demo

1.0.3 #

  • Fix error Props
  • Add interupt Scroll when failure status

1.0.2 #

  • Add Failed RefreshMode when catch data failed
  • ReMake Default header and footer builder
  • Replace RefreshMode,loadMode to refreshing,loading
  • Replace onModeChange to onRefresh,onLoadMore

1.0.1 #

  • Remove bottomColor

1.0.0 #

  • initRelease
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a widget provided to the flutter scroll component drop-down refresh and pull up load.

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