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A wrapper around InheritedWidget to make them easier to use and more reusable.

5.0.0-nullsafety.5 #

Fixed an issue where providers with an update parameter in sound null-safety mode could throw null exceptions.

5.0.0-nullsafety.4 #

  • Upgraded nested dependency to 1.0.0 and collection to 1.15.0

5.0.0-nullsafety.3 #

  • Improved the error message of ProviderNotFoundException to mention hot-reload. (#595)
  • Removed the asserts that prevented ChangeNotifiers in ChangeNotifierProvider() to have listeners (#596)
  • Removed the opinionated asserts in that prevented them to be used inside specific conditions (#585)

5.0.0-nullsafety.2 #

  • Improved the error message when an exception is thrown inside create of a provider`

5.0.0-nullsafety.1 #

  • Reintroduced ValueListenableProvider.value (the default constructor is still removed).

5.0.0-nullsafety.0 #

Migrated Provider to non-nullable types:

  • initialData for both FutureProvider and StreamProvider is now required.

    To migrate, what used to be:

      create: (context) => Future.value(42),
      child: MyApp(),
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      final value =<int>();
      return Text('$value');

    is now:

      initialValue: null,
      create: (context) => Future.value(42),
      child: MyApp(),
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      // be sure to specify the ? in watch<int?>
      final value =<int?>();
      return Text('$value');
  • ValueListenableProvider is removed

    To migrate, you can instead use Provider combined with ValueListenableBuilder:

      valueListenable: myValueListenable,
      builder: (context, value, _) {
        return Provider<int>.value(
          value: value,
          child: MyApp(),

4.3.3 #

  • Improved the error message of ProviderNotFoundException to mention hot-reload. (#595)
  • Removed the asserts that prevented ChangeNotifiers in ChangeNotifierProvider() to have listeners (#596)
  • Removed the opinionated asserts in that prevented them to be used inside specific conditions (#585)

4.3.2+4 #

ValueListenableProvider is no-longer deprecated. Only its default constructor is deprecated (the .value constructor is kept)

4.3.2+3 #

Marked ValueListenableProvider as deprecated

4.3.2+2 #

Improve pub score

4.3.2+1 #

Documentation improvement about the builder parameter of Providers.

4.3.2 #

Fixed typo in the error message of ProviderNotFoundException

4.3.1 #

  • Fixed a bug where hot-reload forced all lazy-loaded providers to be computed.

4.3.0 #

  • Added ReassembleHandler interface, for objects to implement so that provider let them handle hot-reload.

4.2.0 #

  • Added a builder parameter on MultiProvider (thanks to @joaomarcos96):

      providers: [
        ChangeNotifierProvider(create: (ct) => Counter()),
      builder: (ctx, child) {
        final counter =<Counter>();
        return Text('${counter.count}');

4.1.3+1 #

  • Small Readme changes

4.1.3 #

  • Improved the error message of ProviderNotFoundException with instructions that better fit what is usually the problem.

  • Added documentation on why should not be called inside build, and what to do instead.

  • Improved the performances of, by not calling the selectors when the provider changes if the widgets listening to the value are already needing build.

  • Fixes a bug where couldn't be called inside ListView/LayoutBuilder

  • Improve the error message when trying to use inside ListView.builder

  • Improve the error message when calling with a context that is null.

4.1.2 #

  • Loosened the constraint on Flutter's version to be compatible with beta channel.

4.1.1 #

  • Fixes an "aspect" leak with, leading to memory leaks and unnecessary rebuilds
  • Fixes the builder parameter of providers not working (thanks to @passsy)

4.1.0 #

  • Now requires:

    • Flutter >= 1.6.0
    • Dart >= 2.7.0
  • Added a select extension on BuildContext. It behaves similarly to Selector, but is a lot less verbose to write:

    With Selector:

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      return Selector<Person, String>(
        selector: (_, p) =>,
        builder: (_, name, __) {
          return Text(name);

    VS with the new select extension:

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      final name = p) =>;
      return Text(name);
  • Added builder on the different providers. This parameter simplifies situations where we need a BuildContext that can access the new provider.

    As such, instead of:

      create: (_) => Something(),
      child: Builder(
        builder: (context) {
          final name = s) =>;
          return Text(name);

    we can write:

      create: (_) => Something(),
      builder: (context, child) {
        final name = s) =>;
        return Text(name);

    The behavior is the same. This is only a small syntax sugar.

  • Added a two extensions on BuildContext, to slightly reduce the boilerplate:

    before after
    Provider.of<T>(context, listen: false)<T>()
  • Added a Locator typedef and an extension on BuildContext, to help with being able to read providers from a class that doesn't depend on Flutter.

4.0.5+1 #

  • Added Português translation of the readme file (thanks to @robsonsilv4)

4.0.5 #

  • Improve error message when forgetting to pass a child when using a provider outside of MultiProvider (thanks to @felangel)

4.0.4 #

  • Update the ProviderNotFoundException to remove outdated solution. (thanks @augustinreille)

4.0.3 #

  • improved error message when Provider.of is called without specifying listen: false outside of the widget tree.

4.0.2 #

  • fix Provider.of returning the previous value instead of the new value if called inside didChangeDependencies.
  • fixed an issue where update was unnecessarily called.

4.0.1 #

  • stable release of 4.0.0-hotfix+1
  • fix some typos

4.0.0-hotfix.1 #

4.0.0 #

  • Selector now deeply compares collections by default, and offers a shouldRebuild to customize the rebuild behavior.
  • renamed ProviderNotFoundError to ProviderNotFoundException. This allows calling Provider.of inside a try/catch without triggering a warning.
  • update provider to work with Flutter 1.12.1
  • The creation and listening of objects using providers is now performed lazily. This means that objects are created the first time the value is read instead of the first time the provider is mounted.
  • The listen argument of Provider.of is now automatically inferred. It is no longer necessary to pass listen: false when calling Provider.of outside of the widget tree. removed by 4.0.0-hotfix. See
  • renamed initialBuilder & builder of *ProxyProvider to create & update
  • renamed builder of *Provider to create
  • added a *ProxyProvider0 variant

3.2.0 #

  • Deprecated "builder" of providers in favor to "create"
  • Deprecated "initialBuilder"/"builder" of proxy providers in favor of respectively "create" and "update"

3.1.0 #

  • Added Selector, similar to Consumer but can filter unneeded updates

  • improved the overall documentation

  • fixed a bug where ChangeNotifierProvider.value didn't update dependents when the ChangeNotifier instance changed.

  • Consumer can now be used inside MultiProvider

      providers: [
        Provider(builder: (_) => Foo()),
          builder: (context, foo, child) =>
            Provider.value(value:, child: child),

3.0.0 #

breaking (see the readme for migration steps) #

  • Provider now throws if used with a Listenable/Stream. This can be disabled by setting Provider.debugCheckInvalidValueType to null.
  • The default constructor of StreamProvider has now builds a Stream instead of StreamController. The previous behavior has been moved to StreamProvider.controller.
  • All XXProvider.value constructors now use value as parameter name.
  • Added FutureProvider, which takes a future and updates dependents when the future completes.
  • Providers can no longer be instantiated using const constructors.

non-breaking #

  • Added ProxyProvider, ListenableProxyProvider, and ChangeNotifierProxyProvider. These providers allows building values that depends on other providers, without loosing reactivity or manually handling the state.
  • Added DelegateWidget and a few related classes to help building custom providers.
  • Exposed the internal generic InheritedWidget to help building custom providers.

2.0.1 #

  • fix a bug where ListenableProvider.value/ChangeNotifierProvider.value /StreamProvider.value/ValueListenableProvider.value subscribed/unsubscribed to their respective object too often
  • fix a bug where ListenableProvider.value/ChangeNotifierProvider.value may rebuild too often or skip some.

2.0.0 #

  • Consumer now takes an optional child argument for optimization purposes.
  • merged Provider and StatefulProvider
  • added a "builder" constructor to ValueListenableProvider
  • normalized providers constructors such that the default constructor is a "builder", and offer a value named constructor.

1.6.1 #

  • Provider.of<T> now crashes with a ProviderNotFoundException when no Provider<T> are found in the ancestors of the context used.

1.6.0 #

  • new: ChangeNotifierProvider, similar to scoped_model that exposes ChangeNotifer subclass and rebuilds dependents only when notifyListeners is called.
  • new: ValueListenableProvider, a provider that rebuilds whenever the value passed to a ValueNotifier change.

1.5.0 #

  • new: Add Consumer with up to 6 parameters.
  • new: MultiProvider, a provider that makes a tree of provider more readable
  • new: StreamProvider, a stream that exposes to its descendants the current value of a Stream.

1.4.0 #

  • Reintroduced StatefulProvider with a modified prototype. The second argument of valueBuilder and didChangeDependencies have been removed. And valueBuilder is now called only once for the whole life-cycle of StatefulProvider.

1.3.0 #

  • Added Consumer, useful when we need to both expose and consume a value simultaneously.

1.2.0 #

  • Added: HookProvider, a Provider that creates its value from a Hook.
  • Deprecated StatefulProvider. Either make a StatefulWidget or use HookProvider.
  • Integrated the widget inspector, so that Provider widget shows the current value.

1.1.1 #

  • add didChangeDependencies callback to allow updating the value based on an InheritedWidget
  • add updateShouldNotify method to both Provider and StatefulProvider

1.1.0 #

  • onDispose has been added to StatefulProvider
  • BuildContext is now passed to valueBuilder callback
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A wrapper around InheritedWidget to make them easier to use and more reusable.

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