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Extension for Flutter.Prism.Core and adds go_router support

Provides go_router implementation for Flutter.Prism.Core

Description #

Flutter.Prism.Core is an extensible library that allow you to build modular applications Navigation is such a common requirement from any app that requires modular support. This library allow for easy navigation while still keeping modules isolated and independent.

Features #

  • Easy Go_router integration.
  • Support for common "Tabs" apps.

Getting started #

Follow the instructions on building a Flutter app with Flutter.Prism.Core library as specified in it's readme.

Now, changes need to be made: 1. Inherit your bootstrapper from 'GoRouterBootstrapper'. 2. Optionally use the 'GoRouterRegionTabsBuilder' to add tabs as regions.

Usage #

void main() async {
  final boostrapper = Bootstrapper();
  runApp(child: const MyApp());
// T should be your dependency injection abstraction
class TestModule extends GetItModule {
    Future<void> init(GetIt container) {

    final regionManager = container<RegionManager>();
            metadata: MultiChildMetadata("welcome", order: 1),
            registration: (context) => const WelcomeWidget(),

class Bootstrapper extends GetItBootstrapper {
  ModuleCatalog createModuleCatalog() {
    final catalog = MemoryModuleCatalog();
    catalog.addModule(ModuleInfo((c) => TestModule()))
    return catalog;

class MainWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  const SettingsWidget({super.key});

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return RegionBuilder(
                regionManager: MyDI().instance.get<RegionManager>(),
                regionName: "main"
                multiChild: (children) => ListView(children: children),

Additional information #

More packages that enhance the usage or prism with common libraries such as GetIt and GoRouter will also be available. We would love feedback, ping at twitter: @arielbh if you have any questions.