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PowerSync Flutter SDK - keep PostgreSQL databases in sync with on-device SQLite databases.

1.5.5 #

  • Fix issue where hasSynced is cleared when offline.

1.5.4 #

  • Fix watch query parameter triggerOnTables to prepend powersync view names.
  • Upgrade dependency sqlite_async to version 0.8.1.

1.5.3 #

  • Added support for client parameters when connecting.

1.5.2 #

  • Refactor waitForFirstSync() to iterate through the stream and remove the use of a Future.
  • Fix sync connection not immediately closed when calling db.disconnect() (#114).

1.5.1 #

  • Adds a hasSynced flag to check if initial data has been synced.
  • Adds a waitForFirstSync method to check if the first full sync has completed.

1.5.0 #

  • Upgrade minimum Dart SDK constraint to 3.4.0.
  • Upgrade sqlite_async to version 0.7.0 which updates all Database types to use a CommonDatabase interface.

1.4.2 #

  • Fix Bad state: Future already completed error when calling disconnectAndClear().

1.4.1 #

  • Upgrades dependency powersync_flutter_libs to version 0.1.0.

1.4.0 #

  • Introduces the use of the powersync-sqlite-core native extension. This is our common Rust core which means all PowerSync SDKs now use the same core logic for PowerSync functionality, improving maintainability and support.
  • Added a new package dependency on powersync_flutter_libs for loading the extension.

1.3.1 #

  • Fix "Checksum mismatch" issue when calling PowerSyncDatabase.connect multiple times.

1.3.0 #

  • Add crudThrottleTime option to arguments when running PowerSyncDatabase.connect to set throttle time for crud operations.

1.2.2 #

  • Deprecate DevConnector and related

1.2.1 #

  • Fix indexes incorrectly dropped after the first run.
  • Fix viewName override causing view "..." already exists errors after the first run.

1.2.0 #

This release improves the default log output and errors to better assist in debugging.

Breaking changes:

  • PowerSyncCredentials constructor is no longer const, and the endpoint URL is validated in the constructor.
  • Different error and exception classes are now used by the library, including CredentialsException, SyncResponseException and PowerSyncProtocolException, instead of more generic AssertionError and HttpException.

Other changes:

  • The library now logs to the console in debug builds by default. To get the old behavior, use logger: attachedLogger in the PowerSyncDatabase constructor.
  • Log messages have been improved to better explain the sync process and errors.

1.1.1 #

  • Fix error occasionally occurring when calling powersync.connect() right when opening the database.
  • Update getting started docs.

1.1.0 #

  • Fix delete operations rejected by the server not being reverted locally.
  • Expand SyncStatus to include connected, downloading, uploading status, as well as the last errors.
  • Fix SyncStatus.connected to be updated when calling PowerSyncDatabase.disconnect().
  • Fix network error messages only containing a single character in some cases.
  • Update sqlite_async dependency:
    • Supports catching errors in transactions and continuing the transaction.
    • Add tx.closed and db/tx.getAutoCommit()
  • Update uuid dependency:
    • Now uses CryptoRNG from uuid package now that the performance improvements are upstream.
  • Requires Dart ^3.2.0 / Flutter ^3.16.0.

1.0.0 #

  • Start using stable version range.

0.4.2 #

  • Improve HTTP error messages.
  • Enable SQLite recursive triggers.
  • Support overriding view names.
  • Breaking change: Validate schema definitions for duplicates. Remove id column and indexes from any tables in the schema if present.

0.4.1 #

  • Use Apache 2.0 license.
  • Update uuid dependency.

0.4.0 #


  • Some parameters to PowerSyncCredentials are now optional.
  • Upgrade dependencies.

0.4.0-preview.6 #

New functionality:

  • Include transaction ids on crud entries, allowing transactions to be grouped together.
  • Simplify implementation of PowerSyncBackendConnector by automatically handling token caching.


  • Only check token expiration on the server, avoiding issues when the local time is out of sync.
  • Fix some edge case errors that would kill the sync Isolate.
  • Fix errors when disconnecting shortly after connecting.

Breaking changes:

  • PowerSyncDatabase.disconnect() now returns Future<void> instead of void.
  • Subclasses of PowerSyncBackendConnector must now implement fetchCredentials() instead of refreshCredentials() + getCredentials().

Other changes:

0.3.0-preview.5 #

  • Link github repository.

0.3.0-preview.4 #

The low-level SQLite-related code is extracted into a separate sqlite_async package. sqlite_async handles the the database connection, connection pooling, Isolate management, queries, transactions, default options, watching, and migrations.

The powersync package now just adds automatic sync and dynamic schema management on top. This makes it easy to switch between using PowerSync, or just using a local database directly.

Breaking changes:

  • TableUpdate renamed to UpdateNotification.
  • PowerSyncDatabase.connectionFactory() renamed to PowerSyncDatabase.isolateConnectionFactory(), and should only be used to pass the connection to a different isolate.
  • All tables apart from ps_crud are dropped and re-created when upgrading to this version. This will not result in any data loss, but a full re-sync is required.


  • Fix queries not watching the correct tables in some cases.
  • Fix performance issues on bulk insert/update/delete.

Other changes:

  • Views and triggers are now persisted in the database, instead of using temporary views.
    • This allows reading the views using other tools.
    • It is still not possible to update the views using other tools, since triggers use the custom powersync_diff function to compute changes.

0.2.0-preview.3 #

  • Use new write checkpoint API for reduced latency on data upload.
  • Improve consistency when custom primary keys are used.
  • Fix error on getOptional().
  • Use gen_random_uuid() as an alias for uuid() (custom function for SQLite).

0.2.0-preview.2 #

  • Performance improvements in downloading changes.

0.2.0-preview.1 #

Breaking change:

  • Rename internal tables to all start with ps_. All existing local data is deleted and re-synced.

Other changes:

  • Add support for local indexes.
  • Add support for local-only tables - no changes recorded, and not synced with the remote service.
  • Add support for insert-only tables - records changes, but does not persist data or download from the remote service.
  • Add executeBatch() API: execute the same statement with multiple parameter sets.
  • Add computeWithDatabase() API: execute a function in the database isolate, with low-level synchronous database access.
  • Add onChange() call to receive notifications of changes to a set of tables.
  • Improve watch() to only listen for updates to relevant tables.
  • Faster uuid() implementation.

0.1.1-preview.2 #

  • Require Flutter SDK.

0.1.1-preview.1 #

  • First public version.
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PowerSync Flutter SDK - keep PostgreSQL databases in sync with on-device SQLite databases.

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