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Code Generation for Powerflutter

powerflutter_code_generation #

Powerflutter Code Generation Library

Getting Started #

  1. Add powerflutter_code_generation to your dev_dependencies.
  2. Run flutter packages pub run build_runner watch in the terminal of the project
  3. Add Annotations to your code like @powermodel and the part 'filename.g.dart'; to the top of the file

Annotations #

@powermodel: Used on a private (start it with underscore _ ) model class a public class will be generated that inherits the private class and overrides every field with a setter and getter needed for Powerflutter databinding.

@ModelName("test") Used on a field of a @powermodel class sets the Name used in serialization etc. for this field


In the Powerflutter Examples we use the following simple :

import 'package:powerflutter/powerflutter.dart';

part 'counter.g.dart';

class _CounterModel with PowerModel {
  int counter = 0;

This will generate a CounterModel Class that has the Getters and Setters needed for Poweflutter.