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This framework is part of the [Pip.Services](https://github.com/pip-services/pip-services) project. It contains the following Prometheus components.

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Prometheus components for Dart #

This module is a part of the Pip.Services polyglot microservices toolkit.

The module contains components for working with meters in the Prometheus service. The PrometheusCounters and PrometheusMetricsService components allow you to work both in client mode through PushGateway, and as a service.

The module contains the following packages:

  • Build - the default factories for constructing components.
  • Count - components of counters (metrics) with sending data to Prometheus via PushGateway
  • Services - components of the service for reading counters (metrics) by the Prometheus service

Quick links:

Use #

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  pip_services3_prometheus: version

Now you can install package from the command line:

pub get

Develop #

For development you shall install the following prerequisites:

  • Dart SDK 2
  • Visual Studio Code or another IDE of your choice
  • Docker

Install dependencies:

pub get

Run automated tests:

pub run test

Generate API documentation:


Before committing changes run dockerized build and test as:


Contacts #

The library is created and maintained by

  • Sergey Seroukhov
  • Levichev Dmitry

The documentation is written by:

  • Levichev Dmitry
  • Mark Makarychev
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This framework is part of the [Pip.Services](https://github.com/pip-services/pip-services) project. It contains the following Prometheus components.

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