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Create great apps with Pictograms using OTTAA Picto widget, we feature a minimalistic design to foster understanding.


Welcome to OTTAA's Universal Pictogram Flutter Widget# #

Create great apps with Pictograms using OTTAA Picto widget, we feature a minimalistic design to foster understanding. Each Picto must have and image, a text and a Fitzgerald key color frame. And you are good to go!

Web Page #

Features #

Are you creating an app that uses Pictograms? Pictowidget is a great place to start, you don't to worry about using the right proportions, formats, color or fonts. Just use it.

Getting started #

To start using just add Pictowidget to your pubspec.yaml file. Make a flutter pub get. You are ready to go.

Usage #

Cosas: Incluya ejemplos breves y útiles para los usuarios del paquete. Agregar ejemplos más largos a la carpeta /example.

const like = 'sample';

Contributing #

How to contribute #

We would love your help. Before you start working however, please read and follow this guide.

Reporting Issues

Provide a lot of information about the bug. Mention the version of OTTAA Project and explain how the problem can be reproduced.

Code Contributions #

Create a pull request

In order to create a pull request is necessary

  • Avoid file conflicts with the source code
  • Should make a description about the characteristics to apply
  • Should apply the pull request in the corresponding branch
Branch Description
Version Main
Feature Add new features
Hotfix Hot-fix about a version
Bugfix Bug-fix about a version

Code of Conduct #

OTTAA Project Open Source Code of Conduct #

In order to work in the OTTAA Project in a collaborative way and help our community grow we ask you to comply with the following code of conduct..

** Diversity makes us grow : ** We truly believe that every user’s or developer’s age, gender, nationality, race or sexual orientation provide content based on a plurality of experiences and knowledge that contribute to the construction of a complete tool which reflects the real needs of potential users of the OTTAA Project.

** Debate enriches us : ** As we consider that everyone can contribute significantly to improving the software we seek to establish mutual respect among the members of the community, reaching a consensus among the developers and solving the problem in the best way possible.

It is necessary to comply with the following guidelines in our conduct code:

  • Refraining from discriminating .
  • Avoiding posting pornographic content.
  • Refraining from publishing the user’s details or relevant information.
  • Refraining from making heavy jokes.
  • Avoiding insults
  • Refraining from judging others on there religions or race

Reporting breaches to the code of conduct #

In the case of any violation of our code of conduct, it should be reported as follows: Share your contact details

  • Send a screenshot of the situation
  • Explain the situation in as much detail as possible
  • Send the email to the following address : support@ottaaproject.com

After the revision of the report, the team assigned to analyze the case will carry out the following actions:

  • Notify the user of the breach
  • devise a way for the user to amend that attitude.

the user can be expelled from the community in the following situation :

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Create great apps with Pictograms using OTTAA Picto widget, we feature a minimalistic design to foster understanding.

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