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Phoenix Channel client for Dart

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phoenix_wings.dart #

A Phoenix Channel implementation for Dart

Attempts to feature match the Javascript implementation found at phoenix.js

Usage #

API Documentation

Much of the library is the same whether your code is running in the VM/Flutter or in a browser. Due to differences between the two platforms, the connection setup differs slightly.

Import & Connection (VM/Flutter) #

import 'package:phoenix_wings/phoenix_wings.dart';

final socket = new PhoenixSocket("ws://localhost:4000/websocket/socket");

// equivalent to passing connectionProvider: PhoenixIoConnection.provider

Import & Connection (HTML) #

import 'package:phoenix_wings/html.dart';

final socket = new PhoenixSocket("ws://localhost:4000/websocket/socket", connectionProvider: PhoenixHtmlConnection.provider);

Common Usage #

await socket.connect();

final chatChannel ="room:chat", {"id": "myId"});

chatChannel.on("user_entered", PhoenixMessageCallback (Map payload, String _ref, String, _joinRef) {


Testing #

Most of the tests are run on the VM. However, the PhoenixHtmlConnection tests must run in a browser.

By default tests will run on VM, Chrome and Firefox. This is set in dart_test.yaml

Tests are run via pub run test