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PDFEditor #

changing fonts with google_fonts and hot reload changing fonts with google_fonts and hot reload

Getting Started #

First, add the pdfeditor package to your pubspec dependencies.

To import pdf_editor_view:

import 'package:pdfeditor/pdf_editor_view.dart';
import 'package:pdfeditor/pdf_view_controller.dart';

To use PDFEditorView for show view :

late PDFViewController pdfViewController;

            urlFile: "https://pspdfkit.com/downloads/pspdfkit-flutter-quickstart-guide.pdf",
            autoScales: true,
            onViewCreated: (controller) {
              pdfViewController = controller;
              // this.pdfViewController = controller;
            onError: (error) async {

To use pdfViewController with an Action:

await pdfViewController.onSave();
// onSave for save when on change as check book in pdf
await pdfViewController.onClear();
// onClear for clear url local

To use PDFEditor.download for download file from server or api.

PDFEditor.download(url: urlServer,
                            savePath: tempDir.path + fileName,
                            onSuccess: (fileName){
                                log('✅ File has finished downloading. Try opening the file.');
                            onFailed: (e) async {
                            onProgress: (progress){
                              log('Download progress: ${progress.toStringAsFixed(0)}% done.');

## Testing

See [example/test](https://github.com/ApisitKaewsasan/PDFEditor.git) for testing examples.