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A new Flutter package project.

OwlBot #

Clean, easy interface with owlbot.info dictionary API

Usage #

To use this plugin add owlbot_dart as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Example #

void main() async {
    /// Instiantiate the `OwlBot` with [token] which you can get for free from https://owlbot.info
    final OwlBot owlBot = OwlBot(token: "API_TOKEN");

    /// Using the [define] function, get the definitions of the provided [word]
    /// [OwlBotResponse] object is returned
    final OwlBotResponse res = await owlBot.define(word: "owl");
    print("Pronounciation: ${res.pronunciation}");
    res.definitions.forEach((def) {

Developed & Maintained by #

Damodar Lohani