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A Flutter widget for Scrollview, pop when overscroll like Pinterest and Instagram app on iOS

overscroll_pop #

A Flutter widget for Scrollview, pop when overscroll like Instagram, Pinterest, ...

Demo Demo Demo

Getting Started #

  1. Include the package to your project as dependency:
  	overscroll_pop: <latest version>
  1. Use the widget:

Wrap your Scaffold or top widget by OverscrollPop, every ScrollView widget (Listview, GridView, PageView, CustomScrollView, ...) which has scroll physics ClampingScrollPhysics(important) will have overscroll to pop effect.

      home: Scaffold(
        appBar: AppBar(
          title: const Text('Overscroll Example'),
        body: Builder(
          builder: (c) => Center(
            child: Hero(
              tag: '${ScrollToPopOption.start}${DragToPopDirection.toRight}',
              child: ElevatedButton(
                onPressed: () => pushPage(
                  (BuildContext context, _, __) => VerticalScrollview(
                    scrollToPopOption: ScrollToPopOption.start,
                    dragToPopDirection: DragToPopDirection.toRight,
                child: Text('Vertical scrollview ${ScrollToPopOption.start}'),

    class VerticalScrollview extends StatelessWidget {
      final ScrollToPopOption scrollToPopOption;
      final DragToPopDirection? dragToPopDirection;

      const VerticalScrollview({
        Key? key,
        this.scrollToPopOption = ScrollToPopOption.start,
      }) : super(key: key);

      Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return OverscrollPop(
          scrollToPopOption: scrollToPopOption,
          dragToPopDirection: dragToPopDirection,
          child: Container(
            clipBehavior: Clip.hardEdge,
            decoration: BoxDecoration(borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(16.0)),
            child: Scaffold(
              appBar: PreferredSize(
                preferredSize: Size.fromHeight(kToolbarHeight),
                child: Hero(
                  tag: '$scrollToPopOption${dragToPopDirection ?? ''}',
                  child: AppBar(
                    title: Text(
                      'Vertical Scrollview',
                      overflow: TextOverflow.visible,
              body: ListView.builder(
                physics: const ClampingScrollPhysics(),
                itemBuilder: (_, index) => Container(
                  height: 160.0,
                  margin: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 8.0),
                  color: index % 2 == 0 ? Colors.cyanAccent : Colors.orangeAccent,
                  alignment: Alignment.center,
                  child: Column(
                    mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center,
                    children: [
                      if (dragToPopDirection != null)
                itemCount: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height ~/ 160.0 + 2,

If your Scaffold does not contain any ScrollView and want to achieve drag to pop effect, wrap your Scaffold or top widget by DragToPop instead (Example).

Quick push route config helper:

    context: context,
    child: <your scaffold/widget>,
    // scrollToPopOption: <your ScrollToPopOption>,
    // dragToPopDirection: <your DragToPopDirection>,
    // other route configs

    context: context,
    child: <your scaffold/widget>,
    // other route configs
  1. Configure scroll direction and add extra drag to pop:
    • By default, the effect only apply for overscroll at the start of ScrollView (top edge of vertical scroll, left edge of horizontal scroll)

      VStart HStart

    • To enable the end edge (or both edges) for overscroll to pop, set scrollToPopOption to ScrollToPopOption.end (or ScrollToPopOption.both)

          scrollToPopOption: ScrollToPopOption.end, // or ScrollToPopOption.both

      VEnd HEnd

    • Beside overscroll, you can config the other drag direction to achieve the pop effect by passing dragToPopDirection

          dragToPopDirection: DragToPopDirection.toTop, //  toTop, toBottom, toLeft, toRight, horizontal and vertical
      1. Vertical scroll: drag to left, right or horizontal (both left and right) VStartToLeft VStartToLeft

      2. Horizontal scroll: drag to top, bottom or vertical (both top and bottom) HEndToTop HEndToBottom

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A Flutter widget for Scrollview, pop when overscroll like Pinterest and Instagram app on iOS

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