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OpenAPI API common libraries so the generator doesn't generate them

OpenAPI Common Library for Dart Client Code Generator #

This library forms the core reusable library for the Maven plugin.

It is intended to allow you to generate a single client library from an OpenAPI file, and allow you to reuse it across multiple clients - Flutter for Web (browser), Flutter and Dart CLI (such as when using Ogurets for e2e testing).

How to use #

This library contains all of the necessary parts required to wire up your generated code from the Maven plugin. Add these to your pubspec.yaml and then combine them together.

  openapi_dart_common: ^3.2.1 

(for example)

In your application, each of the generated Services will require an ApiClient. As of version 2.0 we have swapped to Dio, which takes care of browser vs CLI, so you only need to specify DioClientDelegate() if you wish to override the Dio instance (providing extra options, etc).

It also needs to know how to deserialize specific models and enums - those from your generated code, so a typical creation could look like this:

    _apiClient = ApiClient(
      basePath: "http://localhost:8903",
      apiClientDelegate: DioClientDelegate());

and then you can use your _apiClient instance in your models, consistently across all platforms:

    _personService = PersonServiceApi(_apiClient);

You can also override the BaseClient that is passed into the ApiClient if you need to customise it, but be careful not to mix those requiring dart:html (which only exists in the browser) with dart:io (everywhere else).


If you don't have Maven installed, you can install it fairly easily on Linux and Mac (its in brew), it will require a JDK implementation so if you don't have done get one from Alternatively you can use it from Docker.

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OpenAPI API common libraries so the generator doesn't generate them

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