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OneID flutter SDK.

oneid-flutter-sdk #

OneID SDK Flutter #

This library that gives you access to OneID SSO services [OneID] into your Flutter application. Official Flutter SDK for OneID.

Installation #

  • To start using this package, simply add the following to project pubspec.yaml
  oneid: <version>

Usage #

1. Permissions #

To use this package, your android app must declare internet permission. Add the following code to the application level of your AndroidManifest.xml.

	<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

2. Initializing SDK #

To use [OneID] SDK, you need to first initialize it by using the `OneIDPlugin` class.

OneIDPlugin oneIDPlugin =  OneIDPlugin(
    apiKey:  'apiKey',

Ensure to perform this instantiation in the initState method of your Widget.

OneIDPlugin oneIDPlugin;

void  initState() {
oneIdPlugin = const OneIDPlugin(apiKey: 'apiKey');


3. Login User #

User login can be initiated with the oneId method:

Parameters #

  • BuildContext current buildcontext of your app.
final res = await oneIdPlugin!.oneId(context: context);

After login is successful, a user response to returned to proceed with.

you can check out the example on this link

Contribution #

I highly encourage the community to step forward and improve this library further. You can fix any reported bug, propose or implement new features, write tests, etc.

Here is a quick list of things to remember

  • Check the open issues before creating a new one,
  • Help me in reducing the number of open issues by fixing any existing bugs,
  • Check the roadmap to see if you can help in implementing any new feature,
  • You can contribute by writing unit and integration tests for this library,
  • If you have any new idea that aligns with the goal of this library, feel free to raise a feature request and discuss it.

Author #

This OneID package for Flutter is developed by Joshua Uzor

Also, as always, please give us a star to help!

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OneID flutter SDK.

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