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Persistent embedded document-oriented NoSQL database for Dart and Flutter.

ObjectDB #

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Persistent embedded document-oriented NoSQL database for Dart and Flutter. 100% Dart.

Check out objectdb_flutter for reactive store listeners.

If you notice any bugs you can create an issue on GitHub. You're also welcome to contribute using pull requests. Please open an issue before spending time on any pull request.

How to use #

final path = Directory.current.path + '/my.db';

// create database instance and open
final db = ObjectDB(FileSystemStorage(path));

// insert document into database
db.insert({'name': {'first': 'Some', 'last': 'Body'}, 'age': 18, 'active': true});
db.insert({'name': {'first': 'Someone', 'last': 'Else'}, 'age': 25, 'active': false});

// update documents
db.update({Op.gte: {'age': 80}}, {'active': false});

// remove documents
db.remove({'active': false});

// search documents in database
var result = await db.find({'active': true, 'name.first': 'Some'});

// cleanup the db file

// close db
await db.close();

Storage types #

// Universal (non-persistent)
import 'package:objectdb/src/objectdb_storage_in_memory.dart';

// Persist on filesystem (Flutter Mobile & Desktop)
import 'package:objectdb/src/objectdb_storage_filesystem.dart';

// Persist in IndexedDB (Flutter Web)
import 'package:objectdb/src/objectdb_storage_indexeddb.dart';

Flutter #

Check out the example project.

Methods #

  • Future<void> db.cleanup() cleanup the db file
  • Future<void> db.close() closes database (should be awaited to ensure all queries have been executed)

find #

  • Future<List<Map>> db.find(Map query) List with all matched documents
  • Future<Map> db.first(Map query) first matched document
  • Future<Map> db.last(Map query) last matched document

insert #

  • Future<ObjectId> db.insert(Map document) insert single document
  • Future<List<ObjectId>> db.insertMany(List<Map> documents) insert many documents

update #

  • Future<int> db.update(Map query, Map changes, [bool replace = false]) update documents that mach query with changes (optionally replace whole document)

remove #

  • Future<int> db.remove(Map query) remove documents that match query

Query #

// Match fields in subdocuments
{Op.gte: {
    'birthday.year': 18

// or-operator
{Op.or: {
    'active': true,
    Op.inList: {'group': ['admin', 'moderator']}

// not equal to
{Op.not: {'active': false}}

NOTE Querying arrays is not supportet yet.

Operators #

Logical #

  • and (default operator on first level)
  • or
  • not

Comparison #

  • lt, lte: less than, less than or equal
  • gt, gte: greater than, greater than or equal
  • inList, notInList: value in list, value not in list

Modify #

  • set: set value
  • max, min: set max or min int value
  • increment, multiply: increment/multiply by
  • unset: unset key/value
  • rename: rename key
  • todo: push / pull
{Op.set: {'path.to.key': 'value'}} // set entry['path']['to']['key'] = 'value' (path will be created if not exists)
{Op.max: {'path.to.key': 200}} // set value 200 if value is greater than 200
{Op.min: {'path.to.key': 200}} // set value 200 if value is smaller than 200
{Op.increment: {'path.to.key': -5}} // increment value by negative 5
{Op.multiply: {'path.to.key': 2}} // multiply value by 2
{Op.unset: {'path.to.key': true}} // unset key/value at entry['path']['to']['key'] if exists
{Op.rename: {'path.to.key': 'new_key'}} // new value will be at entry['path']['to']['new_key']

  'age': RegExp('[18-20]'),
  Op.gt: {'duration': 500},
}, {
  Op.max: {'stats.score': 100},
  Op.increment: {'stats.level': -5},

Examples #

// query
var result = db.find({
    'active': true,
    Op.or: {
        Op.inList: {'state': ['Florida', 'Virginia', 'New Jersey']},
        Op.gte: {'age': 30},

// same as
var match = (result['active'] == true && (['Florida', 'Virginia', 'New Jersey'].contains(result['state']) || result['age'] >= 30));

License #

See License

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Persistent embedded document-oriented NoSQL database for Dart and Flutter.

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