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Collects and merges translation files from root and dependant packages.

License: MIT style: effective dart Travis CI

Description #

Merges [language-tag].json files from given path in root and all dependant packages. Creates a map with translations. You can redirect (from one key to another), overwrite and fill missing translations with values from default language.

Implementation #

Visit pub.dev -> install.

Preparing .json files #

  1. Files containing translations must have names (case sensitive) like keys from language_tags.dart.
  2. Files must contain only correct Map. For example:
{'foo': 'bar', 'deeper_example': {'deeper_key': 'deeper_value'}, 'test': '-->deeper_example.deeper_key'}

Translation redirecting "-->" #

As you probably notice above, you can get translation from another key. All you need to do is to add "-->" at the beginning of a value and after that (without any space) a key of a source value. If the source value is nested, you have to join all keys which lead to the value by a dot.

Overwriting translations #

You can overwrite a translation from each package. You just need to add overwriting translation to assets/i18n directory. Remember, filename must be the same as language tag you want to overwrite.

How to use #

  1. Do not place or modify your files in given target directory. The script removes its content every time.
  2. Place .json files in source dir (by default: lib/src/i18n).
  3. Run the command below in the root directory of your project:
pub run o_i18n_generator
  1. In order to see default values and help, just run:
pub run o_i18n_generator --help

What files are generated? #

You can choose output-extension. By default it is dart. But you can select json either. If you want to generate dart files, command generates files containing a map (name of map is language tag from language_tags.dart but without a dash) of translations. Besides it generates LocaleLoader class, which contains all supported language tags and helps to load translation map easily.

Commercial Use #

If you use this code in commercial project, please donate me via GitHub Sponsors. I do the same for packages which I use, because it ensures stable development for all of us!

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Collects and merges translation files from root and dependant packages.

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args, dart_style, deep_collection, dependency_visitor, equatable, glob, merge_map, meta, path, yaml


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