nexmo_verify 1.0.1
nexmo_verify: ^1.0.1

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A new Flutter plugin.

nexmo_verify #

A Nexmo Verify Rest API Flutter plugin.

How can use it? #

1. Create instance of Nexmo API handler and put apiKey and apiSecret. After that implement callbacks methods. #

 NexmoSmsVerificationUtil _nexmoSmsVerificationUtil = NexmoSmsVerificationUtil();
    _nexmoSmsVerificationUtil.initNexmo("apiKey", "apiSecret");

2. Send otp to mobile number. #

          .sendOtp(_teCountryCode.text + _teMobileNumber.text, "Flutter")
          .then((dynamic res) {
        nexmoSuccess((res as BaseModel).nexmoResponse);

3. Verify otp. #

          .then((dynamic res) {});