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A common platform interface for the nevis_mobile_authentication_sdk plugin.

3.0.1 #

  • Initial release.

3.1.0 #

  • From this version on, the deregistration operation does not require the aaid to be provided. Providing no aaid in the operation leads to the whole account being deregistered instead of a single authenticator.
  • We now support class 2 sensors for the biometric authenticator on Android platform.
  • Deregistration in the Identity Suite environment is not working when cookie renewal is enabled on the backend.

3.2.0 #

  • We now support disabling the device passcode as fallback for the biometric authenticator. See Registration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback, AuthCloudApiRegistration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback and OutOfBandRegistration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback.
  • We now support adding a retry strategy to the device information change operation.
  • The authenticationRetryInterval and authenticationMaxRetries properties have been removed from the Configuration object. Use the Authentication.retryPolicyObtainingAuthorizationProvider instead.
  • We fixed the deregistration operation, the SDK now fully supports the nevisProxy cookie renewal feature.

3.3.0 #

  • We now support invalidating the FIDO UAF credentials of biometric and fingerprint authenticators when the user adds new biometric credentials in the OS settings, see Registration.invalidateOnNewOsBiometrics.
  • We now support providing HTTP request headers that can be sent in the HTTP request during all the operations, see requestHeaders.
  • From this version on, the LocalData.deleteAuthenticator method does not require the aaid to be provided. Providing no aaid leads to all authenticator data being deleted.
  • Removed property validation for all operations as they are now handled by the native SDKs.

3.4.0 #

  • From this version on, the signature of the Authentication.onError callback function has changed. This method is invoked with an AuthenticationError which returns a SessionProvider that can be used to continue with the authentication session.
  • From this version on, the plugin provides also the device identifier via DeviceInformation. It is used in the backend to associate FIDO UAF credentials with a device.
  • From this version on, the plugin supports registering authenticators in multiple servers.
  • New device passcode authenticator is introduced.
  • On new registrations, the biometric credentials will be invalidated when a new biometric is added to the operating system if invalidateOnNewOsBiometrics is not invoked (see Registration.invalidateOnNewOsBiometrics, AuthCloudApiRegistration.invalidateOnNewOsBiometrics and OutOfBandRegistration.invalidateOnNewOsBiometrics).
  • On new registrations, the device passcode cannot be used with biometric credentials by default (see Registration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback, AuthCloudApiRegistration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback, OutOfBandRegistration.allowDevicePasscodeAsFallback).

3.4.1 #

  • Generic error handling fixes.

3.5.0 #

  • Updated Nevis Mobile Authentication SDK to version 3.5.0.

3.5.1 #

  • Changes to support latest Flutter version (3.13.9).

3.6.0 #

  • The PinPolicy has been extended with the validatePinForEnrollment and validatePinForPinChange methods. These methods allow implementing custom PIN policies of any nature.
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A common platform interface for the nevis_mobile_authentication_sdk plugin.



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