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The simplest QR code scanner for Flutter ever.

native_qr #

The simplest QR code scanner for Flutter ever.

This is the thin wrapper for the native IOS and Android OS provided QR code scanners. If you need just scan one QR code and proceed with the result, this plugin is all you need.

Getting Started #

  1. Install the plugin.
$ flutter pub add native_qr
  1. Import it.
import 'package:native_qr/native_qr.dart';
  1. Call the get() method.
try {
  NativeQr nativeQr = NativeQr();
  String? result = await nativeQr.get();  
} catch(err) {

Platform notes #


Camera permission is required, so Privacy - Camera Usage Description aka NSCameraUsageDescription has to be set in your Info.plist

IOS implementation uses DataScannerViewController, which is available since version 16.0, so you have to set project deployment target to 16.0 to use this plugin.

The running device must have the A12 Bionic chip or later.

If your app requires Live Text for its core functionality, you can make your app available only on devices that support Live Text. Add the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key to your app’s information property list and include the iphone-ipad-minimum-performance-a12 subkey in the array of device capabilities.

Android #

Minimum project requirements are:

minSdkVersion 21
targetSdkVersion 33

Android implementation uses GmsBarcodeScanner which is based on Google play services. To load it automatically you have to add the following to your application AndroidManifest.xml, otherwise the very first scan attempts will fail while Android is downloading the scanner.

<application ...>

Error handling #

The plugin either returnes the scanned data or throws an exception that is one of the following.

  1. CANCELED: scanning operation has been canceled
  2. ERROR: some error happened
  3. UNKNOWN: God knows what happened and you highly likely will never see this type of error

Limitations and known issues #

  1. Only QR codes supported (can be changed in case it is needed, open a feature request on Github)
  2. IOS implementation since 16.0 (which is >90% of the market share as for May, 2023)
  3. Only string representation of QR encoded data is provided
  4. The result will be only one QR in the camera's field of view, which one is unpredictable
  5. IOS multiscene apps unsupported, the plugin uses the first scene to present the camera view
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The simplest QR code scanner for Flutter ever.

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