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Agile access to device information singleton

Features #

Agile & easy handler for device information 🧙🏿‍

Getting started #

Once context is initialized run


Usage #

Quick access to screen height and width

var screenHeigth = Device.instance.screenHeigth;  
var screenWidth = Device.instance.screenWidth;  

Easy background asset path configuration

var backgroundAssetPath = Device.set.backgroundAssetPath;  

Agile access to platform information and disposition

var webDevice = Device.isWeb;  
var androidDevice = Device.isAndroid;  
var iosDevice = Device.isIOS;  
var iosTablet = Device.isTablet;  

Access to device default padding

var paddingDevice = Device.viewPadding;  

Fast access to all device information

var paddingDevice = Device.viewPadding;  

Additional information #

This package assumes corresponding permissions depending on platform