multicast_dns 0.2.2

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Dart package for mDNS queries (e.g. Bonjour, Avahi).

0.2.2 #

  • Fixes parsing of TXT records. Continues parsing on non-utf8 strings.

0.2.1 #

  • Fixes the handling of packets containing non-utf8 strings.

0.2.0 #

  • Allow configuration of the port and address the mdns query is performed on.

0.1.1 #

  • Fixes flutter/issue/31854 where decodeMDnsResponse advanced to incorrect code points and ignored some records.

0.1.0 #

  • Initial Open Source release.
  • Migrates the dartino-sdk's mDNS client to Dart 2.0 and Flutter's analysis rules
  • Breaks from original Dartino code, as it does not use native libraries for macOS and overhauls the ResourceRecord class.