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A command-line tool that create Msix installer from your flutter windows-build files.


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MSIX is a Windows app packaging format from Microsoft that combines the best features of MSI, .appx, App-V, and ClickOnce to provide a modern and reliable packaging experience.

This package offers a command line tool for creating MSIX installers from your Flutter app, making it easy to publish your app to the Microsoft Store or host it on a website.

📋 Installation #

In your pubspec.yaml, add the msix package as a new dev dependency with the following command:

PS c:\src\flutter_project> flutter pub add --dev msix

📦 Creating an MSIX installer #

To create a MSIX installer, run the following command:

PS c:\src\flutter_project> flutter pub run msix:create

⚙️ Configuring your installer #

You will almost certainly want to customize various settings in the MSIX installer, such as the application title, the default icon, and which Windows capabilities your application needs. You can customize the generated MSIX installer by adding declarations to an msix_config: node in your pubspec.yaml file:

  display_name: Flutter App
  publisher_display_name: Company Name
  identity_name: company.suite.flutterapp
  logo_path: C:\path\to\logo.png
  capabilities: internetClient, location, microphone, webcam

See Configurations Examples And Use Cases.

Available Configurations #

MSIX configuration (click to expand)
YAML nameCommand-line argumentDescription (from Microsoft Package manifest schema reference)Example
display_name--display-name -dA friendly app name that can be displayed to users.Flutter App
publisher_display_name--publisher-display-name -uA friendly name for the publisher that can be displayed to users.Company Name
identity_name--identity-name -iDefines the unique identifier for the
msix_version--versionThe version number of the package, in a.b.c.d format. see how the msix version is determined.
logo_path--logo-path -lPath to an image file for use as the app icon (size recommended at least 400x400px).C:\images\logo.png
trim_logo--trim-logo <true/false>If false, don't trim the logo image, default is true.true
capabilities--capabilities -eList of the capabilities the app requires.internetClient,location,microphone,webcam
languages--languagesDeclares the language resources contained in the package.en-us, ja-jp
file_extension--file-extension -fFile extensions that the app may be registered to open..picture, .image
protocol_activation--protocol-activationProtocols activation that will activate the app.http,https
app_uri_handler_hosts--app-uri-handler-hostsEnable apps for websites using app URI handlers,
execution_alias--execution-aliasExecution alias command (cmd) that will activate the app.myapp
enable_at_startup--enable-at-startupApp start at startup or user log-in.true
store--storeGenerate a MSIX file for publishing to the Microsoft Store.false
Toast Notifications configuration
Build configuration (click to expand)
YAML nameCommand-line argumentDescriptionExample
debug--debug or --releaseCreate MSIX from the debug or release build files (\build\windows\runner\<Debug/Release>), release is the default.true
output_path--output-path -oThe directory where the output MSIX file should be stored.C:\src\some\folder
output_name--output-name -nThe filename that should be given to the created MSIX file.flutterApp_dev
architecture--architecture -hDescribes the architecture of the code in the package, x64 or x86, x64 is default.x64
build_windows--build-windows <true/false>If false, don't run the build command flutter build windows, default is true.true
Sign configuration (click to expand)
YAML nameCommand-line argumentDescriptionExample
certificate_path--certificate-path -cPath to the certificate content to place in the store.C:\certs\signcert.pfx or C:\certs\signcert.crt
certificate_password--certificate-password -pPassword for the certificate.1234
publisher--publisher -bThe Subject value in the certificate.
Required only if publish to the store, or if the Publisher will not found automatically by this package.
CN=BF212345-5644-46DF-8668-014043C1B138 or CN=Contoso Software, O=Contoso Corporation, C=US
signtool_options--signtool-optionsOptions to be provided to the signtool for app signing (see below.)/v /fd SHA256 /f C:/Users/me/Desktop/my.cer
sign_msix--sign-msix <true/false>If false, don't sign the msix file, default is true.
Note: when false, publisher is Required.
install_certificate--install-certificate <true/false>If false, don't try to install the certificate, default is true.true

✒️ Signing options #

Published MSIX installers should be signed with a certificate, to help ensure that app installs and updates come from trustworthy sources.

  • For development purposes, this package is configured by default to automatically sign your app with a self signed test certificate, which makes it easy to test your install prior to release.
  • If you publish your app to the Microsoft Store, the installation package will be signed automatically by the store.
  • If you need to use your own signing certificate, for example to release the app outside of the Microsoft Store, you can use the configuration fields certificate_path and certificate_password to configure a certificate of your choice.

You can also provide custom options to the signing tool with the --signtool-options command, as shown above. For more information on available options, see the signtool documentation. Note that using this option overrides the certificate_path and certificate_password fields.

Note: By default, the MSIX package will install the certificate on your machine. You can disable this by using the --install-certificate false option, or the YAML option install_certificate: false.

microsoft store icon Publishing to the Microsoft Store #

To generate an MSIX file for publishing to the Microsoft Store, use the --store flag, or alternatively add store: true to the YAML configuration.

Note: For apps published to the Microsoft Store, the configuration values publisher_display_name, identity_name, msix_version and publisher must all be configured and should match the registered publisher and app name from the Microsoft Store dashboard, as per this screenshot.

🌐 Publishing outside the store #

You can use the App Installer file to enable your users to install and update the app from local file share.

Note: installing from the web ms-appinstaller: is disabled for now.

To create a App Installer file, first set the publish_folder_path configuration, then run the following command:

PS c:\src\flutter_project> flutter pub run msix:publish
Available configurations for App Installer (click to expand)
App Installer configuration example:
  display_name: Flutter App
  app_installer: #<-- app installer configuration
    publish_folder_path: c:\path\to\myPublishFolder
    hours_between_update_checks: 0
    automatic_background_task: true
    update_blocks_activation: true
    show_prompt: true
    force_update_from_any_version: false
YAML nameCommand-line argumentDescription (from Microsoft schema reference)Example
publish_folder_path--publish-folder-pathA path to publish folder, where the msix versions and the .appinstaller file will be saved.c:\path\to\myPublishFolder
hours_between_update_checks--hours-between-update-checksDefines the minimal time gap between update checks, when the user open the app. default is 0 (will check for update every time the app opened)2
automatic_background_task--automatic-background-taskChecks for updates in the background every 8 hours independently of whether the user launched the app.false
update_blocks_activation--update-blocks-activationDefines the experience when an app update is checked for.false
show_prompt--show-promptDefines if a window is displayed when updates are being installed, and when updates are being checked for.false
force_update_from_any_version--force-update-from-any-versionAllows the app to update from version x to version x++ or to downgrade from version x to version x--.false

⚠️ Unsupported Features #

We added the most common features of Msix in this package, however, if you need to add or edit a feature that is not supported yet, you can do this manually.

First, create the unpackaged msix files with the following command

PS c:\src\flutter_project> flutter pub run msix:build

Then edit the files that were created in the build folder.

After that create a msix installer file from those files with the following command

PS c:\src\flutter_project> flutter pub run msix:pack

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A command-line tool that create Msix installer from your flutter windows-build files.

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