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A Flutter package for creating various shapes that are responsive and can morph betweem each other.

morphable_shape #

A Flutter package for creating various shapes that are responsive and can morph betweem each other.

Getting Started #

Shapes that are responsive (using px or percentage as length measure) and able to morph between each other. You can use the shape to create a shapeBorder that gets used by the Material widget or ClipPath.

var border=MorphableShapeBorder(
shape: ...,
borderColor: ...,
borderWidth: ...,


shape: shapeBorder,
clipBehavior: Clip.antiAlias,
child: ...

The responsive feature means you can have a single shape instance that adapts to different window sizes without you calculating the desired dimensions. For example:

Shape rectangle=RectangleShape(
borderRadius: DynamicBorderRadius.only(
topLeft: DynamicRadius.circular(10.toPXLength),
bottomRight: DynamicRadius.elliptical(60.0.toPXLength, 10.0.toPercentLength))

will give you a rectangle with a 60 px circular radius at the top left corner and a (60 px, 10%) elliptical corner at the bottom right.
For more information of how to use the Length class, see length_unit.

For you to design the shape you want more easily, I have created the shape editing tool under the example/ folder (also at

Supported Shapes #

Currently supported shapes are:

RectangleShape #

The most powerful and commonly used one should be the RectangleShape class.
It allows to you configure each corner of the rectangle individually or at once.
If two radii overlap at one of the sides of the rectangle (like 60% and 50%),
it automatically scales both sides so that they don’t overlap (just like what CSS does).
The RenctangleShape also supports other corner styles:

enum CornerStyle{
Shape rectangle=RectangleShape(
topLeft: CornerStyle.rounded,
topRight: CornerStyle.concave,
bottomLeft: CornerStyle.cutout,
bottomRight: CornerStyle.straight,
borderRadius: DynamicBorderRadius.all(

You can make a triangle, a diamond, a trapezoid,
or even an arrow shape by just using the RectangleShape
class and providing the right corner style and radius.


CircleShape #

CircleShape allows you to choose the start angle and sweep angle:

startAngle: 0,
sweepAngle: 2*pi,


PolygonShape #

PolygonShape supports changing the number of sides as well as corner radius and corner style:

cornerRadius: 10.toPercentLength,
cornerStyle: CornerStyle.rounded


StarShape #

The StarShape allows you to change the number of corners,
the inset, the border radius, the border style, the inset
radius, and the inset style.

corners: 5,
inset: 50.toPercentLength,
cornerRadius: 0.toPXLength,
cornerStyle: CornerStyle.rounded,
insetRadius: 0.toPXLength,
insetStyle: CornerStyle.rounded


Shape Morphing #

Every shape in this package can be gracefully morphed into another shape. By creating a ShapeBorderTween:

MorphableShapeBorder startBorder;
MorphableShapeBorder endBorder;

startBorder = MorphableShapeBorder(
        shape: startShape, borderColor: Colors.redAccent, borderWidth: 1);
endBorder = MorphableShapeBorder(
        shape: endShape, borderColor: Colors.redAccent, borderWidth: 1);

MorphableShapeBorderTween shapeBorderTween =
        MorphableShapeBorderTween(begin: startBorder, end: endBorder);

you can get the intermediate shapes at progress t by calling:


For an explanation and demonstration of the morphing capabilities, take a look at this Medium post.


Shape Serialization #

Every shape in this package supports serialization.
If you have designed some shape you like, just call toJson() on it.
Then you can reuse it by calling Shape.fromJson(json).

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A Flutter package for creating various shapes that are responsive and can morph betweem each other.

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