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Code generator for Monarch. Monarch lets you generate stories for your widgets.

Monarch #

Monarch lets you generate stories for your widgets. Stories are functions that return a widget in a specific state. Once your stories are ready, you can see them in the Monarch UI.

For example, if you have a widget called MyFancyCard that takes in a title, then you could write these two stories:

Widget shortTitle() => MyFancyCard(
    title: 'A'

Widget longTitle() => MyFancyCard(
    title: 'Much longer title'

You can then see those two stories in the Monarch UI.

This is the alpha release of Monarch. We only support flutter development on macOS for now.

Installation #

  1. Add monarch and build_runner to your project dev_dependencies:
  monarch: ^0.0.22
  build_runner: ^1.7.1
  1. Run flutter pub get on your project.

  2. Create a build.yaml file at the top level of your project and add the following:

      - lib/**
      - stories/**
  1. To see your stories you need to run our monarch tools. Download them into your directory of choice using curl, for example:
$ cd ~/development
$ curl -O
$ unzip

Example #

There is an example project which shows how to write stories: Example project.

Usage #

Write stories #

To write stories just create a stories directory at the top level of your project. Then start adding files that end in *_stories.dart.

You could also add stories inside your lib directory. The only requirement is that story files should end in *_stories.dart.

Stories files don't need a dependency on monarch. Since stories are just functions that return a widget they can re-used from tests.

Run the task runner to see your stories #

The monarch_task_runner will prepare your stories so you can use them in the Monarch desktop app.

To run the monarch_task_runner, enter this command from inside your project directory.

$ ~/development/monarch_tools/monarch_task_runner

You should see the task runner working and eventually opening the Monarch app.

Once the app opens, you should see your stories listed on screen. You can select each story to see how it would render. You can also select different device resolutions and themes

You can now add more stories. As you add more stories, the task runner will automatically detect the changes and reload the stories in the app.

The task runner will generate a .monarch directory in your project. You can gitignore that directory.

# in .gitignore

Themes #

Your stories can render using your app's themes. If you want see themes in Monarch then you need to add the package:monarch_annotations to your dependencies:

  monarch_annotations: ^0.0.8

Then, you can annotate your themes:

import 'package:monarch_annotations/monarch_annotations.dart';

@MonarchTheme('Fancy Theme')
final fancyTheme = ThemeData(...);

When you run the desktop app, you should be able to select your theme in the Theme dropdown.

Troubleshooting #

If you experience any issues while running the task runner, you can run it in verbose mode.

$ ~/path/to/monarch_task_runner --verbose
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Code generator for Monarch. Monarch lets you generate stories for your widgets.

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