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Plugin (web-only at this time) for recording audio through the microphone. This is an audio recorder plugin.

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Flutter (web-only at this moment) plugin for recording audio through the microphone.

Usage #

To use this plugin, follow the installing guide.

Recording microphone audio #

You need to create and initialize a MicrophoneRecorder in order to record audio.
Note that a single recorder can only make a single recording. Simply create a new recorder if you want to make another recording. Further note that you can also record simultaneously.

import 'package:microphone/microphone.dart';
// ...

// Create and initialize a recorder.
final microphoneRecorder = MicrophoneRecorder()..init();

The initialization happens asynchronously, which means that you might need to await the init method.

Now, you can start a recording.

import 'package:microphone/microphone.dart';
// ...

// Start recording audio.

Stopping it will give you access to a MicrophoneRecording in the value property:

import 'package:microphone/microphone.dart';
// ...

// Stop the recording.
await microphoneRecorder.stop();
final recordingUrl = microphoneRecorder.value.recording.url;

The recording is accessible through a URL and can be played back using e.g. just_audio's "read from URL" (requires adding a just_audio_web dependency as well; see the example app).

Additionally, you can retrieve the recorded bytes from a recorder (after the recording has been stopped and while the recorder has not yet been disposed).

import 'package:microphone/microphone.dart';
// ...

// Retrieves the recorded bytes.
final bytes = await microphoneRecorder.toBytes();

Do not forget to dispose the recorder:

import 'package:microphone/microphone.dart';
// ...

// Dispose the recorder.

Listening to state changes #

MicrophoneRecorder is also a ValueNotifier, which means that it can e.g. be used with a Flutter ValueListenableBuilder or you can attach a listener using MicrophoneRecorder.addListener.
Whenever MicrophoneRecorder.value.started or MicrophoneRecorder.value.stopped changed, you will be notified. See the example app for an example usage.

Learn more #

If you want to learn more about how this plugin works, how to contribute, etc., you can read through the main README on GitHub.

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Plugin (web-only at this time) for recording audio through the microphone. This is an audio recorder plugin.

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