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A metaballs implementation for flutter using webgl on the web and the shader package on other devices

Animated Metaballs for Flutter #

Pub Version

Installing: #

  metaballs: "^1.3.0"
import 'package:metaballs/metaballs.dart';

Usage: #

  color: const Color.fromARGB(255, 66, 133, 244),
  gradient: LinearGradient(
    colors: [
      const Color.fromARGB(255, 90, 60, 255),
      const Color.fromARGB(255, 120, 255, 255),
    begin: Alignment.bottomRight,
    end: Alignment.topLeft
  metaballs: 40,
  animationDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 200),
  speedMultiplier: 1,
  bounceStiffness: 3,
  minBallRadius: 15,
  maxBallRadius: 40,
  glowRadius: 0.7,
  glowIntensity: 0.6,
  child: Text('METABALLS')
Property Default value Accepted values Description
Color? color Color(0xff4285F4) The color of the metaballs
Gradient? gradient A gradient for coloring the metaballs, overwrites color
int? metaballs 40 1 to 128 The amount of metaballs
Duration? animationDuration Duration(milliseconds: 200) The duration of the color changing animation
double? speedMultiplier 1 Above 0 A multiplier of the ball movement speed
double? bounceStiffness 3 Above 0 A multiplier to change the speed at which balls change direction
double? minBallRadius 15 0 or more The minimum size of a ball
double? maxBallRadius 40 Above min The maximum size of a ball
double? glowRadius 0.7 0 to 1 A multiplier to indicate the radius of the glow
double? glowIntensity 0.6 0 to 1 The brightness of the glow around the ball
Widget? child A widget to be placed on top of the Metaballs widget

Web support #

On web the gradients are currently manually implemented in webgl because ShaderMask is currently not supported on web. Because of that certain gradient features are currently not implemented like the focal and focalRadius options on the RadialGradient and the transform matrix on all gradients. Support for these options will probably be added in a later release but currently don't have high priority. If you depend on these features feel free to open a feature request or pull request on github.

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A metaballs implementation for flutter using webgl on the web and the shader package on other devices

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