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A metaballs implementation for flutter based on the shader package

Animated Metaballs for Flutter #

Installing: #

  metaballs: "^1.2.0"
import 'package:metaballs/metaballs.dart';

Usage: #

  color: const Color.fromARGB(255, 66, 133, 244),
  gradient: LinearGradient(
    colors: [
      const Color.fromARGB(255, 90, 60, 255),
      const Color.fromARGB(255, 120, 255, 255),
    begin: Alignment.bottomRight,
    end: Alignment.topLeft
  metaballs: 40,
  animationDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 200),
  speedMultiplier: 1,
  bounceStiffness: 3,
  minBallRadius: 15,
  maxBallRadius: 40,
  glowRadius: 0.7,
  glowIntensity: 0.6,
  child: Text('METABALLS')
Property Default value Accepted values Description
Color? color Color(0xff4285F4) The color of the metaballs
Gradient? gradient A gradient for coloring the metaballs, overwrites color
int? metaballs 40 1 to 128 The amount of metaballs
Duration? animationDuration Duration(milliseconds: 200) The duration of the color changing animation
double? speedMultiplier 1 Above 0 A multiplier of the ball movement speed
double? bounceStiffness 3 Above 0 A multiplier to change the speed at which balls change direction
double? minBallRadius 15 0 or more The minimum size of a ball
double? maxBallRadius 40 Above min The maximum size of a ball
double? glowRadius 0.7 0 to 1 A multiplier to indicate the radius of the glow
double? glowIntensity 0.6 0 to 1 The brightness of the glow around the ball
Widget? child A widget to be placed on top of the Metaballs widget
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A metaballs implementation for flutter based on the shader package

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