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Mercado Pago integration library

Mercado Pago Integration #

A payment integration library for paid market, includes:

Client: #

  • create: Creates a new customer
  • delete: Deletes a client with a given id
  • save card: Saves a tokenized card to a particular customer.
  • get: Returns a specific customer

Card: #

  • token: Tokens a card.
  • token with card: Generates token from a saved card.
  • get: Returns a specific card.

Payment: #

  • payment methods: Returns all available payment methods.
  • credit card: Payment by credit card.
  • ticket: Payment by boleto.
  • pix: Payment by Pix.
  • get: Returns a specific payment.

Subscriptions: #

  • create: Create a payment subscription.
  • search: Search for payment subscriptions.
  • update card: Update the payment subscription card.
  • cancel: Cancel a payment subscription.
  • pause: Pause a payment subscription.
  • active: Activates a paused payment subscription.
  • get: Returns a specific payment subscription.

Starting with module:

import 'package:mercadopago_transparent/mercadopago_transparent.dart'
    as mercadopago;

final mercado =
      mercadopago.MercadoPago(acessToken: 'ACESS_TOKEN', publicKey: 'PUBLIC_KEY', applicationId: '');

Tokenizing a card:

String token = await mercado.card.token(
       cardName: 'cardName',
       cpf: 'cpf',
       cardNumber: 'cardNumber',
       expirationMoth: 11,
       expirationYear: 2025,
       securityCode: 'securityCode',
       issuer: 'issuer'); 

Issuer is the ID of the card-issuing bank. For more information:

Example: master, visa ...

Creating a client

final client =
       mercadopago.Client(firstName: '', email: '', docNumber: '', phone: '');

   String clientId = await mercado.client.create(client: client);

You can relate the card to the customer for future purchases

String cardId =
       await mercado.client.savecard(clientId: 'clientId', token: 'token');

Tokenize the saved card requires the security code and the card ID.

String token =
       await mercado.card.tokenWithCard(cardId: 'cardId', securityCode: 'securityCode');

Payment #

Payment by credit card.

If it is passed as a parameter [clientId], it makes the payment with the customer's information already saved in the paid market. Otherwise, it is mandatory to fill in all other customer information [email], [name], [docNumber].

mercadopago.Payment pay =
       await mercado.payment.creditCard(tokenCard: 'tokenCard', clientId: '', amount: 100.0);

Payment by ticket.

mercadopago.Payment pay =
       await mercado.payment.ticket(name: 'name', email: 'email', docNumber: 'docNumber', , amount: 100.0);

One of the parameters of the Payment class is [barCode]. The payment slip barcode.

Payment by PIX.

mercadopago.Payment pay =
       await mercado.payment.ticket(name: 'name', email: 'email', docNumber: 'docNumber', amount: 100.0);

One of the parameters of the Payment class is [qrCode], the pix code for payment. In addition to [qrCodeRender], to redefine the code in the view.

Subscription #

Subscriptions only work with real users, requiring a real card. Or with test users, the latter being both test users.

You will be able to create a subscription, pause and cancel a subscription.

Creating signature

mercadopago.Subscriptions = await mercado.subscriptions.create(
           description: 'Teste',
           email: '',
           token: 'token card',
           frequency: 1,
           type: 'months',
           amount: 1);

[type] - Indicates the type of frequency. It can be per month (months) or per day (days).

For example, if every fifteen days it was necessary to generate a parcel to be charged, it would be like this: frequency: 15 o type: days

The subscription method is without an associated plan. For more information visit:

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