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Mindcoopers Flutter Freshchat plugin.

mcfreshchat #

Mindcoopers Flutter Freshchat plugin.

A copy of

To use the ios version of the plugin it is necessary to add a FCTheme_New.plist insdie the runner using Xcode. The example app uses the same theme as the official freshchat ios sdk.

Our IOS implementation was done in objective c instead of swift.

A Flutter plugin for integrating Freshchat in your mobile app.

Usage #

To use this plugin, add flutter_freshchat as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

import 'package:mcfreshchat/mcfreshchat.dart';

Initialize the Freshchat app with appID and appKey which you could get from here: Where to find App ID and App Key

await Mcfreshchat.init(appID: 'YOUR_APP_ID_HERE', appKey: 'YOUR_APP_KEY_HERE');

Update the user info by setting to values FirstName and email

await Mcfreshchat.updateUserInfo(firstName: 'FIRST_NAME_HERE', email: 'EMAIL_HERE');

Identify the user user by usin email address or any way you uniquely identify the user. externalID is required and returns a restoreID you can save it and use to restore the chats

await Mcfreshchat.identifyUser(externalID: 'USER_UNQIUE_ID', restoreID: 'USER_RESTORE_ID');

Show conversation opens a conversation screen and also list all the other conversation if a list obejct is supplied to it. You can also pass a title for teh chat screen.

await Mcfreshchat.showConversations(tags: const [], title: 'CHAT_SCREEN_TITLE');

ShowFAQs opens a FAQ screen in a grid like format as default you can change the default setting by changing this paramters.
showFaqCategoriesAsGrid = true
showContactUsOnAppBar = true
showContactUsOnFaqScreens = false
showContactUsOnFaqNotHelpful = false

await Mcfreshchat.showFAQs();

Gets the unseen message count from freshchat you can use this to show a counter.

int count = await Mcfreshchat.getUnreadMsgCount();

Reset user data at logout or when deemed appropriate based on user action in the app.

await Mcfreshchat.resetUser();

Example #

Find the example wiring in the Flutter_Freshchat example application.

Issues and feedback #

Please file issues to send feedback or report a bug. Thank you!

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Mindcoopers Flutter Freshchat plugin.

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