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Math simple calculator and pythagoras.

App: Library Dart Packages

Features #

Features: Calculator & Pythagoras

Getting started #

Git clone :

git clone
dart pub get

Usage #

Features: Calculator. There are 3 parameters, operand 1 is of type num, operand 2 is of type num, and operator is of type string.

import 'package:dart_packages/calculator.dart';
var result = Math.calculator(-8, '*', -3);
print('Hasil : $result');

Features : Pythagoras. There are 3 parameters, based is of type num, height is of type num, and slant is of type num. One of these parameters must be null, meaning that 2 parameters must be filled:

var pytagoras = Math.pythagoras(based: 5, slant: 13);
print('Hasil Pyhtagoras: $pytagoras');

Additional information #

Disclaimer : This project for self skill improvment.