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A Flutter plugin for integrating MapmyIndia Search widget in a Flutter application on Android and iOS platfroms.

MapmyIndia APIs

Flutter MapmyIndia Search Widget #

MapmyIndia Search Widget contains Place Autocomplete and Place Picker

Getting Started #

To work with MapmyIndia Search Widget in flutter add these to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  mapmyindia_place_widget: ^0.2.0

Now in your dart code you need to import this package:

import 'package:mapmyindia_place_widget/mapmyindia_place_widget.dart'; 

Adding MapmyIndia Keys #

You must provide your keys through the MapmyIndiaAccountManager class.(click here)

Place Autocomplete #

Use method openPlaceAutocomplete to open Place Autocomplete Widget:

// Platform messages may fail, so we use a try/catch PlatformException.  
try {  
  ELocation eLocation = await openPlaceAutocomplete(PlaceOptions(enableTextSearch: true,hint: "search Location"));  
} on PlatformException {  

You can use PlaceOptions to set the properties of the widget:

  1. filter(String): this parameter helps you restrict the result either by mentioning a bounded area or to certain eloc (6 digit code to any poi, locality, city, etc.), below mentioned are the both types:

    • filter = bounds: lat1, lng1; lat2, lng2 (latitude, longitude) {e.g. filter: "bounds: 28.598882, 77.212407; 28.467375, 77.353513"}
    • filter = cop: {eloc} (string) {e.g. filter: "cop:YMCZ0J"}
  2. hint(String): To set the hint on the Search view of the widget.

  3. historyCount(int): Maximum number of history results appear

  4. pod(String): it takes in the place type code which helps in restricting the results to certain chosen type.Below mentioned are the codes for the pod:

    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_SUB_LOCALITY
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_LOCALITY
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_CITY
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_VILLAGE
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_SUB_DISTRICT
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_DISTRICT
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_STATE
    • AutoSuggestCriteria.POD_SUB_SUB_LOCALITY
  5. backgroundColor(String): Background color of search widget

  6. toolbarColor(String): to set the toolbar color of the widget.

  7. saveHistory(bool): If it sets to true it shows the history selected data

  8. tokenizeAddress(bool): provides the different address attributes in a structured object.

  9. zoom(double): takes the zoom level of the current scope of the map (min: 4, max: 18).

  10. location(LatLng): set location around which your search will appear

  11. attributionHorizontalAlignment(int): To set the vertical alignment for attribution. Below mentioned are the values:

    • PlaceOptions.GRAVITY_LEFT
    • PlaceOptions.GRAVITY_CENTER
    • PlaceOptions.GRAVITY_RIGHT
  12. attributionVerticalAlignment(int): To set the horizontal alignment for attribution. Below mentioned are the values:

    • PlaceOptions.GRAVITY_TOP
    • PlaceOptions.GRAVITY_BOTTOM
  13. logoSize(int): To set the logo size. Below mentioned are the values:

    • PlaceOptions.SIZE_SMALL
    • PlaceOptions.SIZE_MEDIUM
    • PlaceOptions.SIZE_LARGE

Place Picker #

Use method openPlacePicker to open Place Picker:

try {   
  Place place = await openPlacePicker(PickerOption(includeSearch: true));  
} on PlatformException {  

You can use PickerOption to set the properties of the widget:

  1. includeDeviceLocationButton(bool): To enable/ disable current location functionality
  2. includeSearch(bool): To provide opions for search locations
  3. mapMaxZoom(double): To set maximum zoom level of the map
  4. mapMinZoom(double): To set minimum zoom level of the map
  5. placeOptions(PlaceOptions): To set all the properties of search widget​
  6. toolbarColor(String): To set the toolbar color of place widget
  7. marker(Uint8List): To change the marker image which is visible in the centre of a map
  8. statingCameraPosition(CameraPosition): To open a map that sets in camera poition you can set zoom, centre, bearing etc.,
  9. startingBounds(LatLngBounds): To open a map in a bound


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A Flutter plugin for integrating MapmyIndia Search widget in a Flutter application on Android and iOS platfroms.

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