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Extended features for MapboxMap plugin, enabling users to cache locations and use custom markers

mapbox_ext #

Flutter package which out of the box offers extended features and helper utilities when dealing with Mapbox maps on Flutter.

Library example

Usage #

Repository is currently showing work in progress, so expect future breaking changes. The plugin is operating with user location and therefore certain permissions are required.

On Android, inside AndroidManifest.xml add the following

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />

on iOS, inside Info.plist add the following

<string>Shows your location on the map and helps improve the map</string>

Additional configuration on Android requires you to change the minSdkVersion inside app/build.gradle to at least SDK version 20.

Custom marker symbol #

Library assumes you're providing it with an image representing a custom marker, which should be PNG or JPEG image, because as you might know Flutter still doesn't have a native support for SVGs. That being said, it is recommended to export assets, such as SVG icons into PNG files, which are then added to assets directory in your project, and mentioned in the pubspec.yaml file.

For more information, check the example project.

MapboxExt widget #

The main widget of the library is MapboxExt, which is the entry point to all of the extended functionalities which operate under the hood. From the example project, here's how to instantiate it:

  // Use one of the three options for initial point,
  // or provide your own in form of a Pair object
  initialPoint: MapboxExt.INIT_LOCATION_EUROPE,

  // Your access token
  accessToken: 'XXX',

  // Human-readable marker name
  markerResourceName: 'place',

  // Path to the marker image
  markerResourcePath: 'assets/place.png',

  // (Optional) URL to the custom style
  styleURL: 'XXX',

License #

Project is licensed under MIT license.

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Extended features for MapboxMap plugin, enabling users to cache locations and use custom markers

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