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A mangadex library for dart to facilitate easier access to the Mangadex API (


import 'dart:developer';

import 'package:mangadex_library/mangadex_library.dart';
import 'package:mangadex_library/mangadex_server_exception.dart';

void main() {

void printFilenames() async {
  var client = MangadexClient(
    refreshDuration: Duration(seconds: 5),
    onRefresh: () {
      log('Token refreshed!');
  // this function, needs a mangadex account username and password supplied
  // to retrive login token
  var username = 'USERNAME'; // Put your username here
  var password = 'PASSWORD'; // Put your password here

  //The line below uses the login function and takes in
  //two String parameters, username and password and returns
  //an instance of the Login class
  try {
    var loginData = await client.login(username, password);
    // ignore: unused_local_variable
    var token = loginData.token!
        .session; // this sets the token variable to store the session token obtained using
    //the login function, it is a String value.
    // The token is not required as of now but is only for demonstration of the login function.

    var searchData = await
            'oregairu'); //This is a search function that queries mangadex for the name of a manga
    // it returns a Search class instance
    // For now, it searches for the Oregairu manga. You may replace the String value with your desired query.

    var mangaID =![0]
        .id; // this line gets the manga ID from the instance of the Search we just obtained
    //for demonstration we are talking the manga ID of only the first search result
    //Manga ID is unique to every manga and therefore is required to obtain any information regarding it
    //For example, chapter pages and thumbnails.
    var chapterData = await client.getChapters(
        mangaID!); //This function returns an instance of the ChapterData class,
    // it contains info on all the chapters of the manga ID it has been provided.

    var chapterID =![0]
        .id; // This line sets the chapterID variable to the chapter id of
    // the first chapter from the chapterData we just got.
    //Every chapter has a usique chapter ID and a chapter Hash
    //Chapter ID is required to access info of the desired chapter.
    //Chapter Hash is required for requesting manga pages.
    //All Chapter Hash and Chapter filenames can be requested by using the getBaseUrl() function
    var baseUrl = await client.getBaseUrl(chapterID!);
    //This look prints all urls to all the pages of the chapterID
    baseUrl.chapter!.dataSaver!.forEach((filename) {
          baseUrl.baseUrl!, true, baseUrl.chapter!.hash!, filename));
  } on MangadexServerException catch (e) {!.forEach((error) {
          .title); // print error details if a server exception occurs (like invalid username or password)
  //disposing of client is needed as the refresh timer will still be running.
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A mangadex library for dart to facilitate easier access to the Mangadex API (

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