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Render After Effects animations natively on Flutter. This package is a pure Dart implementation of a Lottie player.

[1.4.1] #

  • Allow AlignmentGeometry for alignment.

[1.4.0] #

  • Added filterQuality property to control the performance vs quality trade-off to use when drawing images

[1.3.0] #

  • Added support for rounded corners on shapes and rects
  • Add support for text in dynamic properties (ValueDelegate)


  delegates: LottieDelegates(values: [
      ['Text layer'], // The path to the text element to change
      value: 'The new text',
  • Improve stroke with offset
  • Add support for reversed polystar paths
  • Enforce order of operations to avoid rounding errors

[1.2.2] #

  • Internal maintenance: fix lints for Flutter 2.10

[1.2.1] #

  • Fix: Revert Cubic to PathInterpolator.cubic

[1.2.0] #

  • Add support for gaussian blurs.

Example to blur some elements dynamically:

  delegates: LottieDelegates(values: [
      ['**'], // The path to the element to blur
      value: 20,
  • Add support for drop shadows.

Example to add a shadow dynamically:

  delegates: LottieDelegates(values: [
      ['**'], // The path to the elements with shadow
      value: const DropShadow(
        color: Colors.blue,
        direction: 140,
        distance: 60,
        radius: 10,

[1.1.0] #

  • Add errorBuilder callback to provide an alternative widget in case an error occurs during loading.
  errorBuilder: (context, exception, stackTrace) {
    return const Text('😢');
  • Add onWarning to be notified when a warning occurs during the animation parsing or painting. Previously the warnings where written in an internal logger.
      onWarning: (warning) {
  • Various bug fixes

[1.0.1] #

  • Implement RenderBox.computeDryLayout

[1.0.0] #

  • Migrate to null safety
  • Fix some rendering bugs
  • Add an image delegate to dynamically change images
  • Allow to use an imageProviderFactory with a zip file

[0.7.1] #

  • Fix a crash for some lottie file with empty paths.

[0.7.0+1] #

  • Fix Flutter Web compilation error

[0.7.0] #

  • Performance improvement for complex animations.

[0.6.0] #

  • Runs the animation at the frame rate specified in the json file (ie. An animation encoded with a 20 FPS will only be paint 20 times per seconds even though the AnimationController will invalidate the widget 60 times per seconds).
    A new property frameRate allows to opt-out this behavior and have the widget to repaint at the device frame rate (FrameRate.max).
  • Automatically add a RepaintBoundary around the widget. Since Lottie animations are generally complex to paint, a RepaintBoundary will separate the animation with the rest of the app and improve performance. A new property addRepaintBoundary allows to opt-out this behavior.
  • Fix a bug where we would call markNeedPaint when the animation was not changing. This removes unnecessary paints in animations with static periods.

[0.5.1] #

  • Remove direct dependencies on dart:io to support Flutter Web

[0.5.0] #

  • Support loading animation from network in a web app
  • Fix a couple of bugs with the web dev compiler

[0.4.1] #

  • Support color value stored as RGB, not RGBA

[0.4.0+1] #

  • Support latest version of the characters package

[0.4.0] #

  • Disable "Merge paths" by default and provide an option to enable them.
    This is the same behavior as in Lottie-android.
    Merge paths currently don't work if the the operand shape is entirely contained within the first shape. If you need to cut out one shape from another shape, use an even-odd fill type instead of using merge paths.

Merge paths can be enabled with:

Lottie.asset('file.json', options: LottieOptions(enableMergePaths: true));

[0.3.6] #

  • Export the Marker class

[0.3.5] #

  • Fix a bug with a wrongly clipped rectangle.

[0.3.4] #

  • Fix a bug with dashed path

[0.3.3] #

  • Fix a bug with rounded rectangle shape

[0.3.2] #

  • Fix a bug with "repeater" content

[0.3.1] #

  • Support dashed path

[0.3.0+1] #

  • Specify a version range for the dependency on characters.

[0.3.0] #

  • Add LottieDelegates a group of options to customize the lottie animation at runtime. ie: Dynamically modify color, position, size, text... of every elements of the animation.
  • Correctly display Linear and Radial Gradients
  • Integrate latest changes from Lottie-android

[0.2.2] #

  • Add a [repeat] parameter to specify if the automatic animation should loop.
  • Add the [animate], [reverse], [repeat] properties on LottieBuilder
  • Fix bug with onLoaded callback when the LottieProvider is changed

[0.2.1] #

  • Fix a big bug in the path transformation code. A lot more animations look correct now.

[0.2.0+1] #

  • Improve readme
  • (internal) Add golden tests

[0.2.0] #

  • Support loading the animation and its images from a zip file
  • Breaking: LottieComposition.fromBytes and fromByteData are now asynchronous.

[0.1.4] #

  • Support images in animation
  • Basic support for text in animation (work in progress)

[0.1.3] #

  • Support Polystar shape
  • Reorganize examples.

[0.1.2] #

  • Implement Lottie.network, Lottie.file and Lottie.memory

[0.1.1] #

  • Fix analysis lints

[0.1.0] #

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Render After Effects animations natively on Flutter. This package is a pure Dart implementation of a Lottie player.



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