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Dart extension methods for Iterable and List. You can easily sum, count elements and many more.

list_ext #

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Dart extension method for Iterable and List.

Usage #

To use this plugin, add list_ext as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Than add import 'package:list_ext/list_ext.dart'; to the file for use extension methods.

Example #

import 'package:list_ext/list_ext.dart';

void main() {
  final list = [1, 2, 5];
  final sum = list.sum();
  print('Sum: $sum');
  // Output: Sum: 8

Methods classifier #

Common #

  • countWhere() - returns count of elements that satisfy the predicate.
  • containsAll() - returns true if the collection contains all elements from the given collection.


  • isNullOrEmpty/isNotNullOrEmpty - check for null or empty.
  • isUnorderedEquivalent() - check equality of the elements of two iterables without considering order.
  • firstWhereOrNull() - return the first found element or null if no element found.

Safe elements access

  • firstOrNull - returns the first element or null if collection is empty.
  • tryElementAt() - returns the element at the index if exists or orElse if it is out of range.

Transformation #

  • reduceValue() - reduces values of elements in a collection to a single value by iteratively combining its using the provided function.


  • chunks() - splits into chunks of the specified size.
  • intersperse() - adds an element between elements of the iterable.
  • mapIndex() - creates a new iterable by passing each element and index to a callback.


  • joinOf() - get string value for each element and concatenates it with passed separator.


  • toMap() - creates a Map instance from the iterable.

Math #

  • maxOf() - returns max of values by elements.
  • minOf() - returns min of values by elements.
  • sumOf()/sumOfDouble()/sumOfBigInt - returns sum of values by elements.
  • avgOf()/avgOfDouble() - returns the average value of values by elements.

There are specific version of methods for Iterables of num (int and double):

  • max() (also for BigInt).
  • min() (also for BigInt).
  • sum().
  • avg().

List specific methods #

Common #

Get an element

  • random - returns a random element from the list.

Modification #


  • replace() - Remove all element occurrences and replace its with another element.
  • replaceWhere() - Replace all elements of list that satisfy given predicate.
  • addIfNotNull() - Adds element to the end of this list if this element is not null.


  • sortBy() - Sorts the list in ascending order of the object's field value.
  • sortByDescending() - Sorts the list in descending order of the object's field value.

Transformation #


  • copyWith() - Copy current list with adding element.
  • copyWithAll() - Copy current list with adding all elements from another list.
  • copyWithReplace() - Copy current list, replacing all element occurrences with another element.
  • copyWithReplaceWhere() - Copy current list, replacing elements of list that satisfy given predicate with another element.
  • copyWithInsertAll() - Copy current list with adding all elements at the provided position of new list.
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Dart extension methods for Iterable and List. You can easily sum, count elements and many more.

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