libphonenumber_web 0.2.0+1
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The web implementation of libphonenumber

libphonenumber_web #

The web implementation of libphonenumber

Usage #

This package is the endorsed implementation of libraryphonenumber_package for the web platform, so it gets automatically added to your application by depending on libphonenumber_package: ^any.

Update index.html #

In your app directory, edit web/index.html to add the following

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <script src="packages/libphonenumber_package/js/libphonenumber.js"></script>
        <script src="packages/libphonenumber_package/js/stringbuffer.js"></script>


        <script src="main.dart.js" type="application/javascript"></script>

Using the plugin #

Once you have added libphonenumber_package package and edit web/index.html, you should be able to use the

import 'package:libphonenumber_package/phone_number_util.dart';

or any other source library available later on

Available Methods #

For available methods see libraryphonenumber_platform_interface

Contributions #

If you encounter any problem or the library is missing a feature feel free to open an issue. Feel free to fork, improve the package and make pull request.

Contributors #

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