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A pure-Dart API wrapper wrapper for Dart #

A package that aims to simplify accessing the API from Dart, which can let your users look up song information, track their listening, and like songs, among other things.

Installation #

Add lastfm: ^0.0.1 to the dependencies in your pubspec.yaml or just run one of these:

flutter pub add lastfm
dart pub add lastfm

Usage #

  1. Make sure you have created a API account. Get the API key and shared secret into your code safely. DO NOT embed them into your code directly! Instead, write them down somewhere (such as a .gitignored .env file) and build them using --define or (if you're using Flutter) --dart-define.
  2. Authorize your users:
LastFM lastfm = LastFMUnauthorized(apiKey, sharedSecret);
// you can stop here if all you need is to read public data
launch(await lastfm.authorizeDesktop()); //authorizeDesktop returns a URL
sleep(60*1000); //wait for user input here
lastfm = await lastfm.finishAuthorizeDesktop();
  1. Call some methods:
// These all return [XmlDocument]s from the xml package.
// They are wrapped by default, and [LastFMError]s are thrown instead of passed.
final allAboutTool = await'artist.getInfo', {"artist": "Tool"}, false);
final toolsAlbums = await'artist.getTopAlbums', {"artist": "Tool"});
await'', {"track": "Never Gonna Give You Up", "artist": "Rick Astley"});

Keep in mind:

  • The API key and secret are stored in memory and you don't have to regurgitate them for every request (see above).
  • The signature shenanigans are taken care of for authenticated read and write methods. If you're using read and you don't want it to be authenticated when it probably is, add a false parameter to the end of the read call (see allAboutTool above).
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