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Colorful Icons for your Flutter App, no more black and white icons

Koukicons #

🍪 This package provides +700 Colorful Icons for Flutter Apps.

📱 Screenshot #

❓ How to use #

To use this plugin, add koukicons as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

That's it! start using Your Icons:

  1. First you need to import the icons you need (List of icons Here 🍪) - For example:
import 'package:koukicons/home.dart';
import 'package:koukicons/gift.dart';
import 'package:koukicons/pin.dart';
\\ import more icons here...
  1. then you need to call your imported Icons - (you can also specify width / height / color) :
  children: <Widget>[
    KoukiconsGift(height: 100.0),
    KoukiconsPIN(width: 70.0, color: Colors.red),

Example #

import 'package:koukicons/like.dart';
  children: <Widget>[
    KoukiconsLike(height: 100.0),

⭐ List of Icons #

To explore all the icons, Click Here 🍪

📌 App size #

Q: There are many icons. My app will be very big if i use this package?

A: No, Don't worry. Your app will import only the icons that you are using. so your app size will be so small.

⚠️ Disclaimer #

I don't own these Icons, i collected them from the entire internet. (Flaticons, and many other websites...). I have just made this collection to help others.I don't advice you to use it in commercial applications.

You can use your own icons / contribute to this repository by adding new icons here (the part below...)

Again, I made this package for educational purposes. Thank you ❤️

❓ How to add new icons to this library #

  1. Fork this repository

  2. Copy/paste your new SVG file inside "icons" folder ( Icon name must be lowercase letters, no numbers in first character & no special character )

  3. Inside "Tool" folder, run "generator.py" (requires python3)

python generator.py
  1. Pull request and eat some cookies 🍪🍪🍪

If you like this package, Please Buy me some cookies 🍪🍪🍪 #


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Colorful Icons for your Flutter App, no more black and white icons

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