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Plugin for working with Lock Task / Guided Access modes.

kiosk_mode #

Provides helper methods for working with Lock Task mode on Android and Guided Access mode on iOS.

iOS and Android #

Getting current KioskMode #

On Android, it calls isInLockTaskMode.

On iOS, it returns result of UIAccessibility.isGuidedAccessEnabled.

final mode = await getKioskMode(); // KioskMode.enabled or KioskMode.disabled

Subscribing to KioskMode #

The first event will always be the current value.

On iOS it subscribes to UIAccessibility.guidedAccessStatusDidChangeNotification. Android doesn't provide such a subscription, so watchKioskMethod checks the current state with a configurable interval.

watchKioskMode().listen((mode) => print(mode));

Android only #

All the methods in this section will throw FlutterMethodNotImplemented in iOS.

Start kiosk mode #

await startKioskMode();

Request to put this activity in a mode where the user is locked to a restricted set of applications.

If DevicePolicyManager#isLockTaskPermitted(String) returns true for this component, the current task will be launched directly into LockTask mode. Only apps allowlisted by DevicePolicyManager#setLockTaskPackages(ComponentName, String[]) can be launched while LockTask mode is active. The user will not be able to leave this mode until stopKioskMode() is called. Calling this method while the device is already in LockTask mode has no effect.

Otherwise, the current task will be launched into screen pinning mode. In this case, the system will prompt the user with a dialog requesting permission to use this mode. The user can exit at any time through instructions shown on the request dialog. Calling stopKioskMode() will also terminate this mode.

Stop kiosk mode #

await stopKioskMode();

Call to end the LockTask or screen pinning mode started by startKioskMode(). Calling it when the app is not in kiosk mode has no effect.

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Plugin for working with Lock Task / Guided Access modes.

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