keyboard_actions 3.3.1+1
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Now you can add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a very simple way.

[3.3.1 - 3.3.1+1] #

  • Fixed issue #115 when running Flutter 1.22.
  • Fixed issue #106
  • Fixed issue #121

[3.3.0+1] #

  • Some bugs fixed: #99, #100, #101.
  • disableScroll was added in KeyboardActions.

[3.3.0] #

  • KeyboardAction was renamed to KeyboardActionsItem to avoid mess with the main widget KeyboardActions.
  • Support Web compilation.

[3.2.1+1] #

  • Bug fixed when Custom Keyboard has an area above footer builder. Thanks @lzhuor

[3.2.1] #

  • Exposed overscroll property in KeyboardActions in case you want an extra scroll below your focused input. (default: 12).


  • displayArrows property was added in KeyboardAction.
  • closeWidget and displayCloseWidget were removed. Now you can add multiple toolbar buttons using toolbarButtons property from KeyboardAction (check the sample updated).
  • Set displayDoneButton to false if you don't want the DONE button by default.

[3.1.3] #

  • Now you can change the size of the arrow buttons using the Theme. (Check the sample.dart file from the example folder to get more info)
  • keyboardSeparatorColor was added in KeyboardActionsConfig to change the color of the line separator between keyboard and content.

[3.1.2] #

  • fixed issue with keyboardActionsPlatform.

[3.1.1] #

  • added tapOutsideToDismiss property inside KeyboardActions in case you want to press outside the keyboard to dismiss it.


  • API improved
  • FormKeyboardActions was renamed to KeyboardActions.
  • KeyboardCustomInput was added to help you to create custom keyboards in an easy way.
  • added enabled property inside KeyboardActions in case you don't want to use KeyboardActions widget (tablets for example).
  • added displayActionBar property inside KeyboardAction in case you want to display/hide the keyboard bar (E.g: if you use footerBuilder and add your own done button inside that)
  • added isDialog property inside KeyboardActions.
  • Material color is transparent to avoid issues with the parent container.


  • Restore the old API with some bug fixing

[2.1.2+2] #

  • Keyboard dismissed when press back on Android.

[2.1.2+1] #

  • Fixed issue when using CupertinoPageScaffold.

[2.1.2] #

  • Now you can use the IconTheme.of(context).color and Theme.of(context).disabledColor to set the colors of the arrow icons (up/down).

[2.1.0 - 2.1.1+1] #

  • Custom footer widget below keyboard bar
  • Now you can add your custom keyboard!!
  • Thanks @jayjwarrick again for the contribution

[2.0.1] #

  • Disable next & previous buttons when there is none

[2.0.0] ** Breaking change ** #

  • Now KeyboardActions works on Dialogs
  • Add KeyboardActionsConfig to make parameters easily swappable
  • Add FormKeyboardActions.setKeyboardActions and FormKeyboardActions to allow changing the config from anywhere in the child widget tree. (Check the sample)
  • Thanks @jayjwarrick for the contribution

[1.0.4] #

  • Added enabled attribute for KeyboardAction to skip the prev/next when the TextField is disabled

[1.0.3] #

  • Fixed android issue when return from background

[1.0.0 - 1.0.2] #

  • First release.
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Now you can add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a very simple way.

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