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A Flutter K Chart.

k_chart #

Maybe this is the best k chart in Flutter.Support drag,scale,long press,fling.And easy to use.



Getting Started #


  k_chart: ^0.1.4

or use latest:

      url: https://github.com/mafanwei/k_chart


When you change the data, you must call this:

DataUtil.calculate(datas); //This function has some optional parameters: n is BOLL N-day closing price. k is BOLL param.

use k line chart:

              height: 450,
              width: double.infinity,
              child: KChartWidget(
                datas,// Required,Data must be an ordered list,(history=>now)
                isLine: isLine,// Decide whether it is k-line or time-sharing
                mainState: _mainState,// Decide what the main view shows
                secondaryState: _secondaryState,// Decide what the sub view shows
                fixedLength: 2,// Displayed decimal precision
                timeFormat: TimeFormat.YEAR_MONTH_DAY,
                onLoadMore: (bool a) {},// Called when the data scrolls to the end. When a is true, it means the user is pulled to the end of the right side of the data. When a
                // is false, it means the user is pulled to the end of the left side of the data.
                maDayList: [5,10,20],// Display of MA,This parameter must be equal to DataUtil.calculate‘s maDayList
                bgColor: [Colors.black, Colors.black],// The background color of the chart is gradient
                isChinese: true,// Graphic language
                volHidden: false,// hide volume
                isOnDrag: (isDrag){},// true is on Drag.Don't load data while Draging.
                onSecondaryTap:(){}// on secondary rect taped.

use depth chart:

DepthChart(_bids, _asks) //Note: Datas must be an ordered list,

if you want change DepthChart color, you can use just like this:

            height: 230,
            width: double.infinity,
            color: Colors.grey, //background color
            child: DepthChart(_bids, _asks,buyPathColor: Colors.blue, sellPathColor: Colors.green),

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Maybe there are some bugs in this k chart,or you want new indicators,you can create a pull request.I will happy to accept it and I hope we can make it better.