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Easy resolving deep json using keypath

json resolve #

Description #

json_resolve is a Dart library that helps accessing property in deep json object easily using keypath

Given the following deeply nested json

    "movie": "isFun",
    "earth": 199999,
    "dc": [
        "name": "Superman"
        "name": "Flash"
        "name": "Wonder Woman"
    "marvel": [
        "name": "Thor",
        "weapon": "Mjolnir",
        "appear": [
            "year": 2011,
            "title": "Thor"
            "year": 2013,
            "title": "The Dark World"
            "year": 2017,
            "title": "Ragnarok"

We can access using keypath. The library ensures safe type checking and casting, and use provided default value as last resort

final String byProperty = resolve(json: json, path: "movie", defaultValue: "error");
expect(byProperty, "isFun");

final int byInt = resolve(json: json, path: "earth", defaultValue: 0);
expect(byInt, 199999);

final String byIndex = resolve(json: json, path: "dc.2.name", defaultValue: "error");
expect(byIndex, "Wonder Woman");

final String byIndexThenProperty = resolve(json: json, path: "marvel.0.appear.1.title", defaultValue: "error");
expect(byIndexThenProperty, "The Dark World");

Installation #

First of all add the following dependencies to your pubspec.yaml:

  json_resolve: ^1.0.0

Author #

Khoa Pham, onmyway133@gmail.com

License #

json_resolve is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.