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A generation tool that builds a class to get your json locale paths from dart code

A generation tool that builds a class to get your json locale paths from dart code.

Getting started #

  1. Add dependencies in your pubspec.yaml:
  - json_locale: ^1.0.0
  json_locale_generator: ^1.0.0
  build_runner: ^2.4.5
  1. Configure the json files to generate code for in your pubspec.yaml:
    # The file assets/en.json will be converted to dart code and values can be accessed via the Locale class
    - source: assets/en.json
      class_name: Locale
    - source: assets/other.json
      class_name: Other
  1. Execute [dart|flutter] pub run build_runner build. The file jsons.dart will be generated into lib/jsons.dart

  2. Create extension methods:

import 'package:json_locale/json_locale.dart';

extension LocaleExt on Translatable {
  String translate(BuildContext context) {
    return FlutterI18n.translate(context, key, translationParams: params);

extension LocalePluralExt on TranslatablePlural {
  String translate(BuildContext context) {
    return FlutterI18n.translate(context, key, cardinality);
  1. To avoid warnings in the generated code, add lib/jsons.dart to your analysis_options.yaml file:
    - lib/jsons.dart

Features #

Converts a json such as

  "ok": "OK",
  "core": {
    "app_name": "WordSing Battle"
  "home": {
    "title": "No card in the deck"

To dart code where each path can be accessed easily. For above example, doing GeneratedClass.core.app_name() will return the Translatable object with key: 'core.app_name'

JsonKeys that are keywords in dart (continue, if...) are generated with a trailing underscore (continue_, if_)

JsonKeys that have non proper characters in their names (non alphanum + _ characters) will have these characters replaced by '_'

JsonKeys that start with a number will have this number put at the end, prefixed by an underscore: 0word will be word_0 in dart code

Plural values #

Group keys using a regexp. Set the property plural_match of a source to a regexp. Sibling keys that have a part matching this regexp will be grouped under the same non-matching part of the regexp.


  "word-0": "Word",
  "word-1": "Word",
  "word-2": "Words"

is converted to

class Locale {
  static TranslatablePlural word({required int cardinality}) {
    return TranslatablePlural(

provided your pubspec.yaml file is

    - source: <source_file>
      class_name: Locale
      plural_matcher: "-[0-9]+$"
Using the generated class ans extensions in your flutter app
class ExampleWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Text(Locale.word(cardinality: 5).translate(context));

Json restrictions: #

  • Json keys cannot contain . $ and \
  • Non alphabetic (or underscores) key starts are sent back at the end of the generated dart property: 12key json key turns to key_12 dart property
  • Characters that are neither letters, numbers no _ are changed to _ in generated dart property name: key-part json key turns to key_part dart property
  • Json keys that are dart reserved keywords are followed by _ in property name: break json key turns to break_ dart property
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A generation tool that builds a class to get your json locale paths from dart code

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