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Jaguar reverse proxy implementation for dev

jaguar_dev_proxy #

Provides PrefixedProxyServer to reverse proxy certain selected requests to another server.

This is similar to Nginx's reverse proxy.

Usage #

An instance of PrefixedProxyServer has to be created and added to a Jaguar server. The constructor of PrefixedProxyServer takes all the necessary parameters to configure the reverse proxy.

The job of the reverse proxy is to

  1. Match certain paths
  2. Transform it to a target path
  3. Forward the received request to the target path
  4. Forward the response obtained from server to the client

Step 1 and 2 requires configuration.

The matched path #

The first parameter (path) to the constructor is used to match the incoming URL/route. The matching is based on prefix. For example:

When path is /html, it will match:

  • /html
  • /html/
  • /html/index.html
  • /html/static/index.html

Target path #

The second parameter (proxyBaseUrl) is used to transform the incoming request URL to reverse proxy target URL. The proxyBaseUrl is just prefixed to the remaining part after path is matched match. For example:

For new PrefixedProxyServer('/html', 'http://localhost:8000/client'),

  • /html is mapped into http://localhost:8000/client/
  • /html/ is mapped into http://localhost:8000/client/
  • /html/index.html is mapped into http://localhost:8000/client/index.html
  • /html/static/index.html is mapped into http://localhost:8000/client/static/index.html

Boilerplate #

The boilerplate example to showcasing reverse proxy capabilities of Jaguar can be found at Reverse proxy example.

Simple example #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:jaguar/jaguar.dart';
import 'package:jaguar_dev_proxy/jaguar_dev_proxy.dart';

main() async {
  // Proxy all html client requests to pub server
  // NOTE: Run pub server on port 8000 using command
  //     pub run build_runner serve web:8000
  final proxy = PrefixedProxyServer('/client', 'http://localhost:8000/');

  final server = Jaguar(address: 'localhost', port: 8085);
  server.getJson('/api/user', (Context ctx) => {'name': 'teja'});
  await server.serve(logRequests: true);
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Jaguar reverse proxy implementation for dev

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