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MongoDb backed UserFetcher for authentication and authorization. Use it with `jaguar_auth`.

jaguar_auth_mongo #

Jaguar AuthModelManager for MongoDb backend

Usage #

User model that implements AuthorizationUser.

class User implements AuthorizationUser {
  String id;

  String username;

  String password;


  User.make(, this.username, this.password);

  String get authorizationId => id;

Mongo model manager to fetch and authenticate the user model.

final MgoUserManager<User> modelManager =
    new MgoUserManager<User>(userMgoSerializer);

Interface containing all the MongoDb and Authorizer interceptor creators.

abstract class BaseApi {
  /// Interceptor creator for authorization
  Authorizer authorizer(Context ctx) => new Authorizer(modelManager);

  /// Interceptor creator to connect to MongoDb
  MongoDb mongoDb(Context ctx) => new MongoDb('mongodb://localhost:27017/test');

Authorization routes.

/// This route group contains login and logout routes
@Api(path: '/auth')
class AuthRoutes extends BaseApi {
  @Post(path: '/login')
  Future login(Context ctx) async {
    await BasicAuth.authenticate(ctx, modelManager);

  @Post(path: '/logout')
  Future logout(Context ctx) async {
    // Clear session
    (await ctx.session).clear();

Authorized routes.

/// Collection of routes students can also access
@Api(path: '/book')
@Wrap(const [#mongoDb, #authorizer])
class StudentRoutes extends BaseApi {
  @Get(path: '/all')
  Response<String> getAllBooks(Context ctx) {
    List<Map> ret = book) => bookSerializer.toMap(book)).toList();
    return Response.json(ret);

  @Get(path: '/:id')
  Response<String> getBook(Context ctx) {
    final String id = ctx.pathParams.get('id');
    final Book book = _books[id];
    return Response.json(bookSerializer.toMap(book));
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MongoDb backed UserFetcher for authentication and authorization. Use it with `jaguar_auth`.

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