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Check if your app is installed from an unauthorised source

is_pirated #

Check if your app is installed from an unauthorised source

On Android API 29 and below, uses Context.getInstallerPackageName()

On Android API 30 and above, uses PackageManager.getInstallSourceInfo()

On iOS, parses Bundle.main.appStoreReceiptURL

Installing #

Add to your pubspec.yaml

  is_pirated: <version>

Example #

IsPirated isPirated = await getIsPirated();

// true - (iOS) if installed from AppStore or TestFlight, (Android) if installed from PlayStore
// false - if installed without authorization or receipt (Via ABD, APK, IPA)

//full example
IsPirated isPirated = await getIsPirated(debugOverride: true, openStoreListing: true, appStoreId: '546532666', playStoreIdentifier: '');
//debugOverride will disable installer integrity checking on debug mode (recommended setting after you finish setting up this lib!)
//openStoreListing will auto open your appstore or playstore listing depending on the platform

Options for .getIsPirated() #

Name Description
debugOverride bool
Default set to false. Override unauthorised installation checking when on debug mode. Set this to true after configuring this library.
openStoreListing bool
Default set to false. Open the AppStore or PlayStore listing if isPirated.status = true. Must set appStoreId & playStoreIdentifier for this to take any effect on its respective platform.
appStoreId String
The AppStore App Id for your app so openStoreListing can open your store listing. You can find it in the url of your app: '' Must set openStoreListing true.
playStoreIdentifier String
The PlayStore App Store Identifier for your app so it can open your listing on the PlayStore. You can find this in your manifest or your PlayStore URL:**com.sethusenthil.tikmoji**
closeApp bool
Default set to false. Closes and quits out of your app if isPirated.status = true. If openStoreListing is set to true, it will open your store listing before quitting. Note that getIsPirated() may not return a value if set to true because the Dart VM will likely be terminated before.

Credits #

Inspired and heavely based on

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Check if your app is installed from an unauthorised source

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