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flutter plugin for DLDB SDK

io_dldb_sdk #

A flutter plugin for DLDB SDK

Getting Started #

$ flutter pub add io_dldb_sdk `

Usage #

import 'package:io_dldb_sdk/io_dldb_sdk.dart';

// at app start, after user consent
try {
    await IoDldbSdk.init('11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111', '{"button" : "t", "batteryLevel" : "i"}');
} on PlatformException {
    platformVersion = 'Failed to init dldb';
// once per day
await IoDldbSdk.heartbeat();
// on a very regular basis, when app idle ?
await IoDldbSdk.runQueriesIfAny();
// wherever useful
// events only
await IoDldbSdk.addEvents('{"button":"log in", "batteryLevel" : 55 }');
// location and event
await IoDldbSdk.addEventsWithLocation('{"button":"log in", "batteryLevel" : 55 }', 1.0, 45.0, 100);
// location only
await IoDldbSdk.addLocation(1.0, 45.0, 100);

About DLDB #


DLDB provides behavioural analytics for mobile applications with privacy by design. The core idea behind DLDB is zero knowledge proof

DLDB architecture relies on an SDK to be integrated into your mobile application, and a dashboard to build, query, analyze the behaviour of your application users.

For your application, DLDB deploys a distributed database, where each database instance is inside the mobile application scope. All the analytics queries are run by the devices and no raw data ever leaves the devices. Only the statistical KPI-s are sent anonymously to the DLDB dashboard .

From the DLDB dashboard, developers, analysts and app owners can build their own queries and analyze the results. No need to have any additional storage or analytics platform: DLDB provides an end-to-end solution.

DLDB SDK is written in C and has bindings to most common languages - works natively on iOS, Android, React-Native and Flutter. We also have Python binding and C libraries for IoT devices.

Highlights : #

  • Seamless integration of DLDB SDK into your mobile app source base, in many flavours, on all major platforms
  • Define your own schema of collected events and values
  • Built-in GDPR compliance on the right to forget: all data belonging to your user stays on the device, so delete the data whenever requested
  • Built-in GDPR compliance on the traceability of data usage: all requests processed by the DLDB SDK are traced and can be shown on demand
  • No additional online storage
  • Rapid scaling
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flutter plugin for DLDB SDK

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