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A flutter plugin for iOS which shares a video file as an Instagram Story

instagram_video_story_share #

A Flutter Plugin for iOS which shares a video file to be posted as an Instagram Story

We needed a way to share videos for our social media app in Instagram stories like TikTok is doing but we could not find a plugin which allows this.

You can check the live functionality by installing our app

Sponty: Spontaneous social gatherings

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All the other plugins supported images and the ones supporting videos were only sharing to Instagram Feed and not Stories.

This API from "Facebook for developers" is followed while implementing the plugin:

Sharing to Stories

If the community asks for it, we can add functionality for editable stickers in Instagram stories to be passed from Flutter

This plugin is only for iOS

PR's for Android offering same functionality are welcome

Video story share on Instagram #

insta story share demo

iOS Configuration #

Set your minimum iOS version to 10.0 or higher

Add this to your Info.plist to use share on instagram stories


Usage #

To check if Instagram is installed:

bool isInstagramInstalled = await InstagramVideoStoryShare.instagramInstalled;

To share a video in your Instagram Stories:

bool success = await InstagramVideoStoryShare.share(videoPath: myVideoPath);

To get the video path you might need to use path_provider package as seen in the example project:

  # in your pubspec.yaml file add this:
  path_provider: ^2.0.2
  import 'dart:io';
  import 'package:path_provider/path_provider.dart';

  Future<String> videoFilePath() async {
    ByteData bytes = await rootBundle.load("assets/$videoName");
    String dir = (await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory()).path;
    File file = await writeToFile(bytes, '$dir/$videoName');
    return file.path;

  Future<File> writeToFile(ByteData data, String path) async {
    final buffer = data.buffer;
    File file = await File(path).writeAsBytes(
        buffer.asUint8List(data.offsetInBytes, data.lengthInBytes));
    return file;
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A flutter plugin for iOS which shares a video file as an Instagram Story

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