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Instabug is an in-app feedback and bug reporting tool for mobile apps. With just a simple shake, your users or beta testers can report bugs or send in-app feedback and the SDK will capture an enviro [...]

Instabug for Flutter #

A Flutter plugin for Instabug.

⚠️ This plugin is currently under active development and is not ready for production use yet. If you'd like to give us feedback or create a pull request, we would highly appreciate it!

Available Features #

Feature Status
Bug Reporting ⚙️
Crash Reporting
In-App Chat
In-App Surveys ⚙️
Feature Requests
  • ✅ Stable
  • ⚙️ Under active development
  • ❌ Not available yet

APIs #

The section below contains the APIs we're planning to implement for our 1.0 release across different classes. We'll add the Dart API methods as we implement them.


API Method Native Equivalent (Android/iOS)
start(String token, List<InvocationEvent> invocationEvents) new Instabug.Builder(this, "APP_TOKEN").build()
+ startWithToken:invocationEvents:
showWelcomeMessageWithMode(WelcomeMessageMode welcomeMessageMode) showWelcomeMessage(WelcomeMessage.State state)
+ showWelcomeMessageWithMode:
identifyUserWithEmail(String email, [String name]) identifyUser(String username, String email)
+ identifyUserWithEmail:name:
logOut() logoutUser()
+ logOut
setLocale(Locale locale) setLocale(Locale locale)
+ setLocale:
setColorTheme(ColorTheme colorTheme) setColorTheme(InstabugColorTheme theme)
+ setColorTheme:
appendTags(List<String> tags) addTags(String... tags)
+ appendTags:
resetTags() resetTags()
+ resetTags
getTags() getTags()
+ getTags
setStringForKey(String value, String key) setCustomTextPlaceHolders(InstabugCustomTextPlaceHolder placeholder)
+ setValue:forStringWithKey:
setUserAttributeWithKey(String value, String key) setUserAttribute(String key, String value)
+ setUserAttribute:withKey:
getUserAttributeForKey(Sring Key) getUserAttribute(String key)
+ userAttributeForKey:
removeUserAttributeForKey(String key) removeUserAttribute(String key)
+ removeUserAttributeForKey:
getUserAttributes() getAllUserAttributes()
+ userAttributes:
logUserEventWithName(String name) logUserEvent(String name)
+ logUserEventWithName:
show() show()
+ show
setSessionProfilerEnabled(bool sessionProfilerEnabled) setSessionProfilerState(Feature.State state)
setPrimaryColor(Color color) setPrimaryColor(@ColorInt int primaryColorValue)
onReportSubmitHandler(Report.OnReportCreatedListener listener)
setUserData(String userData) setUserData(String userData)
addFileAttachmentWithURL(String filePath, String fileName) addFileAttachment(Uri fileUri, String fileNameWithExtension)
+ addFileAttachmentWithURL:
addFileAttachmentWithData(Uint8List data, String fileName) addFileAttachment(byte[] data, String fileNameWithExtension) + addFileAttachmentWithData:
clearFileAttachments() clearFileAttachment()
+ clearFileAttachments
setWelcomeMessageMode(WelcomeMessageMode welcomeMessageMode) setWelcomeMessageState(WelcomeMessage.State welcomeMessageState)


API Method Native Equivalent (Android/iOS)
invokeWithMode(InvocationMode invocationMode, [List<InvocationOption> invocationOptions]) invoke(InvocationMode mode, @InvocationOption int... options)
setEnabled(bool isEnabled) setState(Feature.State state)
setOnInvokeCallback(Function function) setOnInvokeCallback(OnInvokeCallback onInvokeCallback)
setOnDismissCallback(Function function) setOnDismissCallback(OnSdkDismissCallback onSdkDismissedCallback)
setInvocationEvents(List<InvocationEvent> invocationEvents) setInvocationEvents(InstabugInvocationEvent... invocationEvents)
setEnabledAttachmentTypes(bool screenshot, bool extraScreenshot, bool galleryImage, bool screenRecording) setAttachmentTypesEnabled(boolean initial, boolean extra, boolean gallery, boolean recording
setReportTypes(List<ReportType> reportTypes) setReportTypes(@BugReporting.ReportType int... types)
setExtendedBugReportMode(ExtendedBugReportMode extendedBugReportMode) setExtendedBugReportState(ExtendedBugReport.State state)
setInvocationOptions(List<InvocationOption> invocationOptions) setOptions(@Option int... options)
showWithOptions(ReportType reportType, List<InvocationOption> invocationOptions) show(@BugReporting.ReportType int type)
+ showWithReportType:options:


API Method Native Equivalent (Android/iOS)
logDebug(String message) d(String message)
+ logDebug:
logVerbose(String message) v(String message)
+ logVerbose:
logInfo(String message) i(String message)
+ logInfo:
logWarn(String message) w(String message)
+ logWarn:
logError(String message) e(String message)
+ logError:
clearAllLogs(String message) clearLogs()
+ clearAllLogs:


API Method Native Equivalent (Android/iOS)
setEnabled(bool isEnabled) setState(Feature.State state)
setAutoShowingEnabled(bool isEnabled) setAutoShowingEnabled(boolean isAutoShowingEnabled)
getAvailableSurveys(Function function) getAvailableSurveys()
+ availableSurveys
setOnShowCallback(Function function) setOnShowCallback(OnShowCallback onShowCallback)
setOnDismissCallback(Function function) setOnDismissCallback(OnDismissCallback onDismissCallback)
setShouldShowWelcomeScreen(bool shouldShowWelcomeScreen) setShouldShowWelcomeScreen(boolean shouldShow)
showSurveyIfAvailable() showSurveyIfAvailable()
+ showSurveyIfAvailable
showSurvey(String surveyToken) showSurvey(String token)
+ showSurveyWithToken:
hasRespondedToSurvey(String surveyToken, Function function) hasRespondToSurvey(String token)
+ hasRespondedToSurveyWithToken:

Integration #

Creating a Flutter app on the Instabug dashboard isn't possible yet. Create a React Native app instead.

Installation #

  1. Add Instabug to your pubspec.yaml file.
  1. Install the package by running the following command.
flutter packages get

Using Instabug #

  1. To start using Instabug, import it into your Flutter app.
import 'package:instabug_flutter/Instabug.dart';
  1. Initialize the SDK in initState(). This line enables the SDK with the default behavior and sets it to be shown when the devices is shaken.
InstabugFlutter.start('APP_TOKEN', [InvocationEvent.shake]);

Make sure to replace app_token with your application token.

  1. If your app supports Android, create a new Java class that extends FlutterApplication and add it to your AndroidManifest.xml.
  1. In your newly created CustomFlutterApplication class, override onCreate() and add the following code.
ArrayList<String> invocationEvents = new ArrayList<>();
new InstabugFlutterPlugin().start(CustomFlutterApplication.this, "APP_TOKEN", invocationEvents);

Microphone and Photo Library Usage Description (iOS Only) #

Instabug needs access to the microphone and photo library to be able to let users add audio and video attachments. Starting from iOS 10, apps that don’t provide a usage description for those 2 permissions would be rejected when submitted to the App Store.

For your app not to be rejected, you’ll need to add the following 2 keys to your app’s info.plist file with text explaining to the user why those permissions are needed:

  • NSMicrophoneUsageDescription
  • NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription

If your app doesn’t already access the microphone or photo library, we recommend using a usage description like:

  • "<app name> needs access to the microphone to be able to attach voice notes."
  • "<app name> needs access to your photo library for you to be able to attach images."

The permission alert for accessing the microphone/photo library will NOT appear unless users attempt to attach a voice note/photo while using Instabug.

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Instabug is an in-app feedback and bug reporting tool for mobile apps. With just a simple shake, your users or beta testers can report bugs or send in-app feedback and the SDK will capture an environment snapshot of your user's device including all console logs, server-side network requests and bug reproduction steps compiling all these details in one organised dashboard to help you debug and fix bugs faster.

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